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RSS TheRock

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The Venezuelan government owns the means of production. That's Socialism.

1 point


1 point

That would be nice. We NEED two parties that can work together!

Tell me how you work with a group that supports open borders, burns the flag, kneels in protest of the flag, and calls you Nazis when you aren't.

1 point

I'm all for it, but we can't get the ocean loving libs to go pick up any trash.

1 point

You are mentally ill regardless of your meat eating practices.

1 point

Gravity you ignorant, poop swallowing swallower of poop.

1 point

That's because you are a gay little hotdog eating titt suckling piglet.

1 point

Sure.. Cops are the good guys...

Because even the thousands of minority I got nuthin.

3 points

Sounds like a wounded antelope trying to escape from a horny army of bees.

3 points

Sounds like an angry water buffalo trying to pull its head out of an elephant's ass.

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