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RSS TheScarecrow

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10 most recent arguments.

He never has an answer on this one. He just avoids the point all together.

0 points

Because apes have a billion times more hair, hands for feet and weigh as much as a car. Monkeys swing from trees. Humans are none of those things. We also have organs that they don't have, and apes walk and run on all fours.

Here's video of Obama mocking CNN and MSNBC. Of course this was before Trump.

We need to RID ourselves of this sonofabitch before he DESTROYS us all..

Of course, because Scalise and 4 others being shot wasn't because Bernie said Republicans were going to kill millions of people.

I almost got destroyed. We almost all got destroyed. If only Bernie hadn't called Republicans the enemy of the people. But he's not a Democrat.

There it is. Excon's all seeing eye that only sees in one direction.

6 points

As civilized beings, we follow a set of rules. What happens when leaders VIOLATE the rules

Your President winds up sneaking Iran 1.5 billion in cash behind Congress's back.

-2 points

I remember Fox extending offers for airtime to Bernie and Hillary every week. I guess they just wanted to preach to the choir.

0 points

That's your sign of totalitarianism, when the government feels the need to shut up the masses.

2 points

It's operable from sea to shining sea. In my view, publicly CELEBRATING our Constitutional rights is one of the most PATRIOTIC events a citizen can participate in. He is anything but a traitor.

Your exact logic can be applied to the KKK, which is sick.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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