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0 points

Karl Marx created a movement that gave excuse to dictators to eventually kill millions of their own people to protect the all powerful state.

Karl Marx wrote a theory about the total destruction of the state and you are essentially saying he did the complete opposite. You are wrong, ignorant, ill-informed and stupid.

1 point

Jesus Christ, learn some basic history FactMachine, you dopey, argumentative imbecile.

Germany’s economy was in a mess when Hitler was elected Chancellor in January 1933. Hitler and Nazi propaganda had played on the population’s fear of no hope. Unemployment peaked at 6 million during the final days of the Weimar Republic – near enough 33% of the nation’s working population. Now Hitler decreed that all should work in Nazi Germany and he constantly played on the economic miracle Nazi Germany achieved.

1 point

He decided that his entire campaign.

What are you blabbering about? Didn't I just ask you to shut up?

He want a jingoistic maniac the entire time.

You literally wrote that sentence just to use the word "jingoistic". Either accept the fact that Hitler turned the German economy around or shut up.

1 point

but for a while under Hitler, Germany had some serious prosperity.

Exactly. The economic turnaround was nothing short of miraculous. It's what helped win him so much popular support in the first place. He began as Chancellor, remember.

1 point

You fucker what are you talking about? The economy was absolutely crumbled in Germany at the end of Hitler's reign.

I'm obviously talking about before he decided to go to war with he rest of the planet. Shut up.

1 point

What the hell are you jabbering about you mad porridge-eating idiot?

This thread asks for credible evidence of God. Since you clearly don't have any then please stfu.

TheSnake(6) Clarified
0 points

I did not say they directly change behavior.

Yes you did, liar. You claimed the higher the hormone level the greater the tendency toward aggression. Writing it like a pseudo-intellectual ponce instead of a normal human being doesn't get you a pass, I'm afraid. It just makes you an idiot for not understanding what you wrote.

What part of "This is oversimplified, obviously" did you not understand?

The problem with what you wrote was not that it was simple. The problem was that it was factually incorrect. Understand?

1 point

This is a debate about gay rights vs business owner rights not about paedophilia or Trump

You didn't ask him to stay on topic. You specifically told him not to call Trump a child rapist in "any of your debates", even though he is actually a child rapist.

Keep banning everybody who exposes you as a Nazi. That will definitely prove you aren't a Nazi, kid.

0 points

“Reasons” are the word we use for “causes” when discussing human action.

False. Your statement negates the possibility that cause can arise from unreasonable actions as well as reasonable ones. Big difference.

-1 points

I didn’t say I personally was going to do any of them.

Of course not. Because they are unethical.

Your position is analogous to learning how to be the world’s greatest spy is unethical because it includes killing other spies and doing dirty stuff. That’s the job.

Your position is analogous to a retard who hasn't even read the book he is defending. This book describes murdering people in their sleep and other good old fashioned American ways to become rich and powerful. It isn't about spying. It is a book written specifically about how to lie and deceive other people for personal gain. If you don't think that is unethical then chances are you're a psychopath.

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