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RSS The_Eye

Reward Points:63
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2 points

A lot of these "perfect" people are actually pretty ugly to me, especially when you take away all the makeup and camera magic. Most of them are complete idiots as well.

The_Eye(63) Clarified
1 point

Are you on the autism spectrum excon?


2 points

He's an agnostic atheist. And he was banned a long time ago. That's why he created this account.

2 points

He looked like a monkeys ass on heroin with a morning glory growing out of his anus.

1 point

1: Even if God is real, all religions are still wrong. They are full of signs of human psychology and imperfection, they are all localized and often specifically relate to certain groups of people.

2: Even if God is real, he is not "God" objectively, because the word god doesn't describe what something is it describes it's relationship with other life forms. It's a title, like "general" or "lord". A god is something you worship, that doesn't tell you what it really is. Maybe it's an alien, maybe it created the universe in a quantum computer of sorts and it's actually a scientist that wants you to think it's God.

3: There is no need for a god to create us. pointing to the complexity or order of nature is irrelevant because if humans and everything else need a creator then why can God just exist out of the aether when he is even more complex than what he created?

4: God's existence would be highly illogical and if there is a "God" then you can bet your bottom ass cheek that we are in a simulation and it's not "God" at all. In a natural universe, I think it's safe to say that a random super intelligence doesn't manifest out of nothing and create it deliberately.

1 point


Wish I had video of it. Maybe you could find video of someone else doing it although you would probably only find fake garbage.

1 point


Then you're gay.

How can you understand an idea well enough to reasonably deny it if you've never even thought about it?

1 point


Qi is the same thing, it's just a different way to spell it.

2 points

Just to be clear, are you claiming to not be factmachine?

Who even knows who's who anymore, just go with it.

1 point

We will rip from your innards

Stop being such a bully Mingi. That's way too violent, you should be ban-hammered right in the cock.

You can oppress but in the end we shall free ourselves. Mark my word Illuminati I am coming for you

Didn't you tell me they weren't "enemies" per se and that you have to work WITH the illuminati?

divine power to change the power scheme.

What kind of divine power?

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Winning Position: Yes
Tied Positions: extremely true vs. True
Winning Position: Tacs

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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