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RSS The_Eye

Reward Points:55
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Piss off FactMachine you lying basket of baboon butt holes. You know damn well that you are not only this NeoNazi character but you are also Cyclops and Emin3m. Your immaturity and vile profane sense of humor seep through in every post you make. You can't hide it because you can't resist being a gargantuan dick head every time you get the chance.

1 point

I already have your IP address.

Lies, lies, lies! Do you ever talk about reality or just the alternate universe you have constructed in your head?

1 point

Wrong again brontofaptor. Honesty is my highest value, winning an argument is yours. Since conservatism is built upon a foundation of pure selfishness, superstition and fallacy you are forced to flip reality like a pancake in order to make a point.

1 point

You're anti facts

You're a purple pervert from pluto who peruses pedophilic pornography persistently.

facebook openly admits

No it doesn't, shut up before you embarrass yourself. If they admitted it, it wouldn't be a "shadow ban" you outrageously sophistic sack of fallacious idiocracy.

1 point

Anti facts eh nom?

Bronto, you wouldn't know a fact if it probed your mothers rectum with a 50 foot tentacle and pulled you out of her through her ass while you where still in the womb then proceeded to eat you.

1 point

So dry humping toddlers is natural according to nom

Natural doesn't mean it's good. Natural means that it exists. Everything is a product of nature you stupid ignoramus.

The_Eye(55) Clarified
1 point

You must have me confused with someone else. I just joined this forum a couple days ago.

1 point

Their preoccupation with deviant and kinky sex

If this is your only argument against the left I feel sorry for you. You sound like somebody's grandmother. Your idea of deviant sex probably includes interracial sex because you are a repugnant bigot pig.

unnatural sexual behavior

Define unnatural. Technically everything is natural.

0 points

And yet liberalism is so illogical that rather than debate conservatives on issues, they attack the person themselves.

I am so sick of this fallacious conservative sophistry. You are such a witless moron that you managed to simultaneously complain about something while doing it yourself in the very same sentence.

This is why the left is in a full on assault to ban conservative views from social media.

Save your conspiracy theories for the impending war in Syria. You're gunna need them.

1 point

I would appreciate it if you Orwellian conservatard fuckwits would stop flipping reality on it's head. Thanks, that'd be great. What is morally sound or logically practical about giving 90% of the earnings generated by a company to a few people at the top while giving crumbs to those who did all the work? Would it not be more fair to distribute 90% of the earnings evenly among the workers and give the 10 percent to the small handful of people who sat on their buttocks touching themselves while others made their money for them?

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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