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RSS The_Kurgen

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10 most recent arguments.
4 points

The U.S. media aren't professors.

Ed Herman and Noam Chomsky are university academics, not journalists. Can you even read?

My god, you are literally the personification of everything that has ever gone wrong with humanity. I want to pity you, but it's so very difficult when you're such a ridiculous lowlife liar.

1 point

A fine attempt to get me to quit pointing out the logical errors in your claims

But you aren't pointing out logical errors. You're playing tit for tat. Every time he criticises Trump you respond by attacking Democrats.

1 point

Sure he did. He helped the Chinese industrialize, and they now pollute like it's going out of style.

The Chinese began industrialisation during the 1950s you idiot.

1 point

I will mass upvote myself.

you're the one abusing the system

Nice logic there, Batman.

1 point

Now, do you think it is unethical to use them (since you came down on this side of the debate)?

I bet your daddy wishes he came down on the other side of your mommy.

1 point

You are an actual alt-account

Pardon me for saying so, but it appears as though you think everybody on this entire website who isn't you must therefore be an alt account. Your wacky conspiracy theories are unfounded and, frankly, strong evidence of long-term paranoia.

0 points

I only watched the bottom video. To say the flow of time is an illusion isn’t quite accurate

It isn't accurate at all, you fascist Jew imbecile. In fact, it's thoroughly wrong.

That is to say, it does not flow uniformly

The thermodynamic arrow of time is directional. That is to say, you're wrong. Time flows because it always moves in the same direction, like a river.

1 point

The reason I spelt out in kindergarten terms the point that everyone is a liar was for shitheads who, like you, would fail to recognise the (not so) subtly hidden inference that only Conservatives are liars.

So you dropped a not-so-subtly hidden inference that all liars are equally dishonest to combat the one you imagined? Lying about leaving the toilet seat up is hardly in the same league as lying about WMDs in Iraq, is it? Nobody dies if I leave the toilet seat up.

You're a clown. Stop making false equivalences. Everybody knows how dishonest Conservatives are and you are only proving it.

1 point

Anyone who claims not to be a liar, is a liar.

Can you even read English? Show me where anybody has claimed not to be a liar.

1 point

So you're the same guy as the original post clearly

Clearly, you cannot substantiate your false allegation so you should probably just shut up with your paranoid conspiracy theories.

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