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1 point

I don't care what you believe in, as long as it is of no detriment to other human beings. I care what people believe in when it does cause grief to others. Homophobia is advocated in Leviticus, so I have an issue with Christianity as a result. Regardless of the fact that I think it's bonkers, I don't mind if you believe in a God.

It's the same with Islam. I don't mind if they believe in Allah, but if Allah advocates halal slaughter, which is horrible by the way, or the ill treatment of women, I have a problem with it. Although I do agree with the idea of cultural relativism somewhat, I can't sit back and say "Oh well, if thats what they do, that's what they do" when people or animals are suffering as a result.

1 point

This guy in the video is just as much an idiot as you. Dawkins doesn't 'approve' of pedophilia. Do your research because I'm not doing it for you.

1 point

If someone told you that they believe unicorns are the ultimate cause of the universe, I imagine you wouldn't be too keen to accept that without debate. Your argument is invalid.

1 point

It's better for the environment (debatable when GM comes into play) and it's better for your health as there isn't loads of shite sprayed all over the crops.

2 points

Whether he was molested by a pedophile or not has nothing to do with atheism. Dawkins didn't invent atheism.

1 point

We are as much products of nature as we are nurture. A large part of our psyche is both created through genetics as well as culture, customs, our parents etc.

I think we are born with a specific mindset created by our unique genetics, which is then shaped and moulded by life's experiences and thoughts.

1 point

You don't get anything but death because God isn't real. If Hell is real then why should I be burning in it? A) I'm not dead. B) Hell doesn't exist.

Your argument is non-existent, let alone not concise. What are you even arguing for?

1 point

It's not about what anyone 'gets out of atheism'. There are no benefits or drawbacks from being an atheist, that's the whole point. Being an atheist is just acknowledging that the scientific method produces evidence. God cannot be tested for via the scientific method, therefore he doesn't exist.

When you talk about life having God-given 'meaning' you are simply eluding yourself. I'm not saying life is meaningless as such, more that in the grand scheme of the universe human existence is merely a blip. That doesn't mean that you can't have personal meaning, and by all means make that God. All I'm saying is, through rational thought it doesn't make sense that a God exists. I realise there are many unexplained phenomena in our universe, but I'm not advocating that they leave a God shaped hole. I believe that the universe, whether sooner or later, can be explained through logical argument and scientific evidence.

Again, I acknowledge that there is pain and suffering in the world that we are subject to, however I don't expect a God to make things better or be responsible for this suffering. It is merely the workings of the universe. Nature is both beautiful and disgusting.

I agree that anyone could put the effort in to become a professor, but how can they be a fool if they did put the effort in? Richard Dawkins is not a fool just because you don't agree with what he says. I agree he may be confrontational in his approach to Christianity, but his aim is not to belittle Christianity but to urge people to think differently and realise that scientific evidence is the best way to discover truths about our universe.

1 point

huge sigh

What the heck are you on about you sad, abominable, grotesque excuse for an ethical human?...

1 point

I feel that it is an abomination against humanity. People who think that these passages are right shouldn't be allowed to walk streets.

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