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RSS Tima

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1 point

In my point of view guns should be legal. People who have guns can protect temselves and family, some people can say that our government can protect us. False, what they can do it is only to find people who had murder that's it because police usually come after the accident, don't they?

1 point

Dear Sima, thank you for supporting my opinion. I feel the same way!!!

1 point

In my point of view i believe that to download the music from the internet should be legal in every country. Firstly, people pay money for using the internet, why they are not able to send their lovely music, not just to listen it in the internet but safe in computers. Secondly, in the internet we are able to download one song which we like. However, if we are not able to download the music from the internet, we will have to buy whole album of singer and there are might be many songs which we don't like. It means that we paid money only for one song. I thing that it is way to waste money!!!

1 point

No it is not false love. People prefer to be with the person who know what he/she want and always in firs positions, successful etc. but if person is poor, don't have aims in life how they can find the second half?

1 point

it is easy to say, try to participate this debate, may be you want to tell us something new???

1 point

i'm not talking that if we can buy things we will happy, i just showed what could happy if we don't have money. Also, what about middle class, middle class means that they have enough money to live and to buy what they need to continue their lives they need enough money, that is why they happy they have money, not much but they have. If they hadn't money they would be in poor class and they wouldn't be happy!!!! their life would be destroyed in poorest and they may die of hunger.

1 point

No you can't understand me. i meant that people who have enough money can do what they want. For example: people have a lot of money, they have their family, all of them are smart, good educated and can enjoy their lives, they have big and comfortable house and have their own business. In fact, people who have money have big influences, and many people will do everything what you tell for them.

1 point

OK, some things we can buy and they just make our mood better. However, it is not happiness t is good mood. On the other hand, a lot of people have their dreams and they believe for good future. That is why people from early age go to school, get knowledge, then go to university because they know that if they have good knowledge they can find well paid job. In addition, having enough money, people can achieve their goals and be happy because they setisfied their requirements

1 point

yes that is what i mean, money can by many things even love.

1 point

but if you have no money in your pocket and you can't be sure that you will eat something for your dinner, and also your children are hungry and are going to die because they don't have anything to eat or have warm clothes and ill, tell me how would you be happy?

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Winning Position: No, it isn not
Winning Position: yes it does
Winning Position: pros

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