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RSS TogueSlathin

Reward Points:4
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1 point

state government are more relatable to the people since mostly the laws and regulations are the peoples ideas. democracy is never a bad idea and making the people have more of a say in their government helps them to trust the system more. debt forgiveness laws gave people a way to pay off their debts and value is value.

1 point

Militias are the best form of protection and are local and by the people. The problem with the standing army is that if we needed to take back over because of our rights being violated we couldn't do that. since the standing army would over power the states. And the executive would use the standing army to control the states and to keep them under its rule since the people stand no chance.

1 point

Necessary and proper clause should not be allowed for the federal government because it gives them to much power. The federal government can justify anything they want by saying that it was necessary and proper to the united states. This will allow them to control the states and move forward their own agenda.

3 points

Federal courts are not the ideal court systems because they impose superiority over the state courts. The federal courts are not local to the people and are not relatable. They overshadow the state courts because of the supremacy clause. Since the supremacy clause allows for the federal government to have authority over the laws and sentences that the state governments can impose.“Supreme law of the land.” This causes the states government to be weak since the federal government can shut down laws that state governments pass when they feel like it is necessary and proper to the well being of the united states.

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