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RSS Tokamak

Reward Points:11
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Dubai and Oman and never again .

1 point

Islam will still be there, the western bred, highly educated, healthy, forward thinking, wealthy Muslim what now?

100 people? 200? there is more people who ticks that they are Jedi. they will simply die out as any other insane cult.

1 point

reproducible evidence has real results, relevation = halucination .

1 point

Nazi had doctors and dentists too, lets get some ...

1 point

It would be OK it they would be willing to stay in the middle east, but they don't they mass immigrate to the Europe but also packing with themselves they 7th century moral and forcing it on Europe.

What is the point in letting them in? No skills, usually illiterate, sick and backward, just unemployable.

It is very unlikely that they will advance to our level, they are threat you cannot build a fence around Middle East therefore it would be logical to annihilate them. According to their beliefs they would end up in heaven.

So it is a Win Win situation...

1 point

They believe that killing in the name of Islam is justifiable. Also most of them are really simpletons easy to manipulate.

1 point

No that is what islam actually is. It is in all of those countries without a single exceptions so it cannot be coincidence.

1 point

Those "children" will grow into brain dead religious drones hating west anyway...

2 points

It's a backward and very violent psedo-religion stacked in the 7th century.

1 point

in science Evidence is required, belief means nothing it's just a state of mind.

Religion has no evidence of any kind but they have magical rituals, song and mythology.

It is very easy to test which one actually works.

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