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RSS Topazxx

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1 point

And what exactly funds the Police? Taxes which are controlled by the government. We'll always need Police, but without taxes, they won't be able to run. If theoretically, you got rid of taxes, then the Police would have to turn into a business to be able to survive, and start charging for what they do, which I for one, don't want. Plus if it was to make it's own money, then criminal could easily make "donations" and suddenly become innocent.

Well, technically it's not free but you're not really paying for it. You pay taxes and tax go towards health care. However, in some countries you have to pay for your own health insurance or be charge a LOT of money when you need help.

True but at least you wouldn't be whining about how this government works.

1 point

Ooops, sorry. Thank you for correcting me, it was meant to be Penny Lane

2 points

Penny land by The Beatles. Brilliant song and I love it.

Even if you disagree with my song choice, The Beatles is definitely the best ever English music group.

2 points

...or if you were to stop immigrants into the country, completely, every country will get really offended and attack the US. Plus what about the immigrants from countries like the UK, Australia, and other educated, powerful countries? By blocking them, you are angering your allies and stopping the country from benefitting.

If the US stops letting immigrants in, it's economy would collapse. Seriously. A lot of countries will stop trading with it on principle. And the collapse of the US economy means

1 point

Jacob. He has a sense of humour and a cool personality.

Edward is always so dramatic and going on about how vampires how no soul. Brooding just isn't cool.

Plus, Edward has no respect for Bella at all - it he did he would have respected her choice to become a vampire and not treat her like a child with his "I know what's best" attitude. He once delibrately broke her car just so she won't go see Jacob; the guy who helped Bella when she needed it the most. He also pressurized Bella when it came to marriage and college. Marriage is meant to be a partnership and if she doesn't want to marry him, he should accept that.

1 point

I disagree. The foetus is in the women's body and shouldn't be considered a seperate enitity before it's capable of thought. It is not it's own body - if it were its own body, then it would be seperate from the mother. The foetus, during pregnancy, is a parasite, though maybe one the parents might benefit from in about 20 years in the future. If they're lucky.

Yes you are right - the abortion does affect the foetus. It kills it. Duh. It doesn't effect the feotus mentally or emotionally though, simply as the foetus isn't developed enough for that.

Also, what if a woman gets pregnant without chosing to? Are you saying that if a women gets raped and impregnated she HAS to have that baby, even though if she does, she might ruin her education, get ostracized by her peers and family, and effectively ruin all her prospects?

1 point

We would win :) Canada's a bit of a tag-along there. A surprisingly powerful country and it's a lot like America, but like the UK when to comes to laws.

1 point

Each country is a separate entity, so Europe would never manage to unite to take over the world together. Europe is a continent, with the two strongest countries being France and the UK. Plus, neither the UK or France could offensively fight against over superpowers - the UK is pretty powerful and could probably handle defense, but wouldn't do very good on the offense.

Also, there's a lot of hostility between countries - there is a lot of discrimination in the UK towards Germany and Eastern countries, especially Poland. Did you know, the majority of England loves the USA? Seriously, the UK would try and conquer the world with America and Canada, then try try and take over the world with Europe.

1 point

A school, government or any society really, couldn't exist without any levels of authority. By putting both teachers and students into school uniform you put them on the same level. Everyone is equal, I agree with you on that.

However, would you're saying is basically, everyone is equal in everything - wrong. It's like saying a person with 20 years of experience working as a doctor is equal with a person who did a first-aid course 2 years ago, when it comes to medicine. It's like placing 10 year olds in the government and leaving them in charge of the taxes. We need structure.

By putting both teachers and students in school uniform, you are blurring the lines of control and authority. Not good. In business, a tall structure almost always works best. There's a reason for that.

0 points

No - it would get rid of any authority they have over the children. Children won't be seeing teachers as people they should respect. I would pity the teachers so much.

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About Me

"I would describe myself as a logical person who's driven by emotions. I'm strongly Pro-choice and believe everyone is equal. I don't believe in the traditional all-knowing, compassionate God, but I am a pantheist, which means I believe God is the universe. Unlike a lot of others, I don't hate my government - I only hate that it's run by upperclass royalty who have never interacted with a normal person. My motto is carpe diem - "seize the day" and I try and live by that."

Biographical Information
Name: Kala Tee
Gender: Lady
Age: 28
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Green Party
Country: United Kingdom
Postal Code: 00000
Religion: Other
Education: High School

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