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Reward Points:42
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10 most recent arguments.

That would be a seriously good response if they hadn't treated Barack Obama and Bill Clinton with kid gloves.

2 points

I condemn the bomber because we don't kill people for disagreeing with us in America.

2 points

A close up of his van shows a CNN SUCKS sticker..

Why does that matter? CNN says it's nonpartisan.

Back to blaming Trump with a clear conscience! LOL!

Awesome. A lib admitting they've been arguing with a non-clear conscience against conservatives for years.

So what is the homicide rate of American whites? I'll wait.

Where'd the universe come from

All of my pets are still slive. They do not die pecause they are pets.

"Was Jason Kessler a Barack Obama supporter?

True. He told us (and has consistently said elsewhere) that he was an Obama supporter and voted for him."

-4 points

Oh for God's sake shut up you retarded neo-Nazi imbecile. You lie six times per minute

You lie 8 times per minute. Now what?

and your last thread was entitled, "Diversity divides more than it unites".

And? You couldn't prove otherwise because common sense says I'm right. If libs didn't already know this, they'd whole heartedly welcome the diversity of Conservatism into their ranks, but they don't. Why? Because diversity...divides...

You're literally fucking Hitler and you're calling other people evil.

Actually I agree with Hitler on zero fiscal or social issues. You agree with basically all of them, so what does that tell us?

I've actually met goats with more credibility than you, you boring retard.

What are you doing introducing yourself to goats?

About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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