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1 point

Wait a minute... if there is a highway to he'll, and a stairway to heaven, then if I'm heading to he'll, I'll take a U turn and go to the stairway to heaven. I'm smart. But first I have to make sure that there's not any bad drivers on that highway.... let's hope and pray to... wait.. I think it would be god...

1 point

With the way today's society is going, we are all, or at least most of us, going to he'll. We are commuting crimes, letting electronics rule over us(not that I care) and just doing bad things in general. SEE YALL IN HE'LL.

2 points

I am 100% against it. Execution and torture is way in the Middevil times. Just imagine doing something wrong now. What would even be considered right to wrong? That may be an easy question and all, but just imagine living in fear of doing something wrong by accident.

1 point

Video games are a big part of our daily lives. They play a big role of keeping us entertained. But really, whats the real question here? Are video games ACTUALLY good for you? Many of us have pondered over thus question for years. We have longed for an answer.

Wait a minute.. What? Video games, good for you? Yes. Yes they are. Scientists have proven that video games can help a symptom called lazy eye. It could also be used as a pain reliever. It takes your mind off of the pain and sticks it to the game. There for making you forget about the pain.And this could be taken as a video game.

1 point

And then I would laugh when they cry like the crule person I am. Then when they ask me where they will go, I will say straight to he'll like the rest of us kiddo.

1 point

I'm mean. Id break that child's heart and say nope There is no heaven, you will crumple to dust like the rest of us.

1 point

But still. I wouldn't want to be stuckbin... wait... if it's non existent, I can't be Stuck in it!

1 point

Lol. I made up my mind a LONG time ago. Not only that, but I've been told to go there more than once. Maybe like twenty times.... I am a very intimidating introverted person with very little friends.

And, I am a Christen... but a question has been ringing inside my head. Who has proof that either place assists?, Thus could go two ways. One, I am going to a non-exsistant place, or two, I am going to a place that exsits.

1 point

Agreed. Women do because sometimes men are really dumb. Men don't really think things through....

1 point

Yes, ignorant you are. And a liar. I know how you are lying. You are using capital letters to convince us of you not being MathFan. Oh, by the way, hello there MathFan

Or Logically.. whichever you prefer. Actually now that I You should respond to both, because they are both your account.Another reason is because MathFan would also be debating against the fact that you two are the same person.He would be denying it too. Sorry, you would, but on a different account. You also asked us not to downvote MathFan aka You, logically. And considering that MathFan might be a girl, you specifically named the gender a male. Your gender. You tried using specific language and tried to play dumb, but I'm not having it.You are not separate from 'thus MathFan. Continuing on to the fact that murderers are called murderers because of the fact that the have already commited the crime of killing someone. The OP shouldn't have to specify such things because they assume we should have such knowledge to know that a murder is a person that has already murder one another. Try again Logically. And next try it Logically and think through it better.

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Tied Positions: No, they shouldn't. vs. Yes, they should.
Winning Position: No, they shouldn't.
Winning Position: No, we shouldn't.

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