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RSS VforVendetta

Reward Points:34
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10 most recent arguments.

I looked at bronto's waterfall, and it's full of 0 and 1 votes. This is not indicative of your claim.

I also looked at the private debates, and none of them actually have any votes. Also not indicative of your claim.

What was state question 793?

NOM likes it some vegetable sex !!!!!!

He wishes the melon loved him as much as he loved it.

Your own source explains why they cannot be believed, you mentally ill Nazi retard.


2)Your source cannot be believed, so looks like a tie.

He means your borders should be opened as opposed to his borders.

5 points

Caravan migrant army attacks Mexican cops, provisions itself robbing Mexican markets migrantarmyattacksmexicancopsprovisionsitselfbyrobbingmexican_markets.html

What should we do to white people who open fire on cops and rob stores? Whatever the answer is, let's be all equal and do the same here.

3 points

Who is responsible for putting Trump in office?

People who don't hate America, like themselves, love their kids, like jobs, like low unemployment, and like the economy to do well.

2 points

They represent the golden period of the internet, where you could speak freely and put forward new ideas. Unfortunately, it's all changing. Power is becoming more centralised

Liberals own the platform you uneducated freakshow.

Displaying 5 most recent debates.

Winning Position: That's what Commies do
Winning Position: False
Tied Positions: But they're peaceful vs. Brown children though

About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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