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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

God is fictional? Naturally, you have some proof of this claim or will you run, proving the OP, and allowing us to conclude you are unable to connect your claims to reality, making you delusional? I cannot wait to see what this fool says.

1 point

Pond scum, I did not say anything about science, but atheism. These mental midgets cannot even read.

And, butt goo, Christians invented modern science. But thanks for you ignorant, irrational and mentally ill opinions. Oh, and let us not forget you to prove the OP while trying to dispute it. ROFL

It is hilarious when these brain dead fools say they cannot know anything apart from science when such is NOT a scientific claim, which means it is self-refuting. Typical atheist moron. God is right, atheists are unreasoning animals.

1 point

How funny that this fool set out to dispute my OP only to prove it. I love irony.

1 point

But even putting aside the fiction and hypocrisy of this claim, how does he know being "full of hate" is bad? As an atheist, he cannot. Indeed, in Atheistland, hate is just a bio-chemical reaction in the body to environmental stimuli as compelled by the laws of science. It cannot helped, it just is. We do not say a glass of milk spilling on the floor because gravity caused it to come crashing down is immoral. Why would we say being "full of hate" is?

1 point

I wish you would prove the point that color exists to a blind man.

1 point

You continue to assume color exists to prove color exists = circular reasoning. Again, take a good course in logic.

1 point

Another ignorant, irrational and mentally ill atheist runs away. Get off my thread.

1 point

Moron, if you are going to derail my thread with your ignorant questions, get off of it. Answer the Q.

1 point

Why is this mental coward not answering the Q? Oh yea, atheists are moral midgets. Get off my thread, skid mark.

1 point

Asked and answered. Now stop the irrational red herrings and answer the OP. My gosh, atheists are intellectual cowards.

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