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RSS Viceregent

Reward Points:258
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

At least this fool is honest in his mental illness. We honor him for that, while advising him to see help.

1 point

And, pond scum, please tell us by what rational means you use to determine fact from fiction. I need a good laugh as you expose your ignorance and irrationality.

1 point

I love how atheists claim to be "free thinkers", but only parrot each other all day.

No, moron, we are not atheistic, especially because we do not reject other gods based on delusion and narcissism as atheists wish away the Biblical God but because God says so.

And given that Christianity started as a tiny Jewish sect before taking over the world and is believed by all people-groups in all nations, you are delusional to think Christians believe what they do because of the status of their birth, but the mentally ill have to believe delusions.

1 point

My gosh, if these fools cannot resort to a red herring, they cannot engage in a conversation.

Skid mark, take your ADD meds and focus on proving you have a mind. Or shut up. Or be banned. Your choice.

2 points

You have yet to prove I have a moral duty to lesser evolved pond scum. Prove I do.

2 points

Now back to the tread. ROFL. Man, these atheists are narcissistic trolls.

2 points

When one who has no idea how to rationally distinguish truth from fiction says you debate truth, I would not put much stock in it.

2 points

How did I know this fool was lying. Oh yea, he is an atheist and his keyboard is moving.

1 point

Mental midget, I did not ask you what I do or do not do, I asked you prove your claim. If you cannot, we know you are a deluded liar and kindly ask you to shut up.

1 point

Unless the barrier is removed by God. Now that we have exposed the falsehood of the hidden premise to your argument, re-answer the Q, please.

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About Me

"I love exposing the irrationality, ignorant, mental illness and moral reprobate of the atheist fool."

Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Protestant
Education: Post Grad

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