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RSS VincentCross

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10 most recent arguments.

I agree to what Joebbowers said but I want to put in my two cents as well. You asked if you were molested would you want it placed on the internet. Well it just so happens I was molested once as a child and while I would definitely not want that online if it just so happen to end up that way while it would suck. It wouldn't bother me to much. I mean yeah I may feel a bit embarrassed to learn that it was out there. But I would eventually get over it and move on. I wouldn't know who the people were looking at it and I wouldn't want to know. If its making them happy then let them have at it.

I could post a big long wall of text as to why it shouldn't be illegal but a lot of other people have already done that for me. I happen to agree with them. There is no logical reason as to why its illegal. Sure its a horrible and disgusting act but whats done is done. Not having it available to other pedophiles isn't going to turn back time. I think the possession of child porn should be legal but the creation of it should be illegal. Trimming the leafs from a tree isn't going to stop it from growing. Only pulling out the root will do that.

Hmm well to much capitalism ends in corporatism. To much socialism ends in a totalitarian dictatorship. Whats option three?

Let her marry. Its not the governments problem. If there has to be a government it should only be concerned with economic problems not social ones. Social problems should be discussed and taken care of by the people involved in them.

Most individual Muslims are nice people but the extremely devote ones are the trouble makers. But that can be said for most religions. I believe that religion as a whole is anything but peaceful and should eventually be eliminated all together.

For the most part no. But there are a few things I do like about him. So he's not a total failure at least to me.

Damn! I will just miss it. By 2050 I'll be in my late 60s. Any damage I have sustained from old age will probably be irreversible but who knows I could already be dead by then anyway.

I don't have one because I don't wait for new years to get started on my goals.

Even though I'm an anarchist now I use to a Communist / Stalinist and I agree Stalin and Lenin were great dictators but I still believe dictatorship is defenitly not the way to go. Even if you got a benevolent dictator he would eventually die and a new one who may not be so great could take his place.

Let the people govern themselves. Get rid of leaders, states, and government all together. Implement a system of direct democracy where the people can vote as a collective on the laws and how things are done. Sure things may get chaotic at first but eventually things will settle down as people get use to their new way of life and new found freedom.

About Me

"I'm an anarchist."

Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Libertarian
Country: United States
Religion: Atheist
Education: In College

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