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RSS Wankerstein

Reward Points:12
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1 point

Marx was a race traitor. He wanted to stop his own race from maintaining it's position of superiority by being rich and greedy capitalists.

1 point

Only the jealous goy would think they are fake. We designed them to prove our superiority as Jews.

1 point

I agree. One of them tried to kill us, the other was created by a race traitor who tried to end the system us Jews profit from so lucratively.

1 point

They help us figure out how to screw the smallfolk as efficiently as possible.

1 point

The Jews implant microchips into the balls and clits of your children. It is too late for you.

1 point

You are not of the bloodline, foolish human. Only Jews like me and Mingi-bluejew are of the bloodline.

Wankerstein(12) Clarified
1 point

re you FM messing about?

I am just a fat greedy capitalist Jew trying to make a living in this world by robbing the working class.

1 point

But everything you say sounds like it was taken right out of mein kampf and every fascist in history had a big boner for Marx though.

1 point

You live in a representative democracy you hilariously stupid Nazi troll. Much to your chagrin, majority opinion is ALL that matters.

Only a Nazi buttplug would call a Jew a Nazi. You are Hitler's favorite butt plug. Also you don't know what kind of country I live in.

0 points

Which part of "majority opinion" are you struggling to understand exactly?

The majority's opinion doesn't matter, the masses are not enlightened.

Winning Position: Unresolved

About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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