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RSS WhatIsDaAuck

Reward Points:198
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10 most recent arguments.

i agree that if it is illegal, then the woman and doctor should both be punished, same as murder .

"Without them, ISIS would have already taken over America and everywhere else. " you really think ISIS would have taken over the whole planet ?without our unjustified intervention in Iraq, ISIS would not even exist .

"You dont look at what they do for the country." do you look at what other professions do ?

"They sacrifice time with their families " other people make sacrifices too .

"Ungrateful people like you just dont appreciate the military." i do appreciate them, i just dont think they walk on water .

"They waste their time, guarding the country, protection fools like you" are you saying theyre stupid ?

WhatIsDaAuck(198) Clarified
1 point

"That's a very good question, but I guess the US government isn't interested in helping people." no, they are not .they are interested in freedom, i hope .

"Good enough benefits are a reasonable amount of money so that people can at least survive, and for a resonable amount of time. The benefits in the US only last for about 20 weeks or so, when experts say that it is necessary to give them for a year, because that is how long it usually takes to find a job that covers your financial expenses. "

if it takes you a whole year to find a job, something is wrong with you .there are many companeis out there employing stupid peopld and you can steal their job at a moments notice .

"For example, if you had a high paying job and you have an expensive mortgage, then taking just any low paying job won't cover the expenses for your house, "

i agree, of course .

"which means that you'd be forced to sell it. " or you could get a high paying job .why do you think you suddenly become useless when you lose one job ?just get another .

"It is not unreasonable to give people an entire year to find a job.

they should get jobs !" so then people should get a high payjng job, quit on the first day, and take a year to find their next scam ?

"Some families have three jobs, "they should have less jobs, but higher paying jobs .

"if a family is forced to move out of their house because they can't find a job within the 20 weeks of benefits" then they should not have bought the house .

"1. You can make a system that detects these people." you can always upgrade the system to catch the next level of cheaters .that takes time and money .or you can avoid cheating by not encouraging it in the first place .

"Some people aren't able to take care of themselves. That's sad... even sadder that nobody wants to help out." what is saddest of all is that they dont want to help themselves .

WhatIsDaAuck(198) Clarified
1 point

private businesses try to make a profit by giving their customers something they want to pay for .if they rip you off, why would you come back ?needs are not relevant .i need a lamborghini, where is it ?

WhatIsDaAuck(198) Clarified
0 points

"You are sitting there telling me there are no socialist voters in the Democrat Party? Sanders came very close to beating Hillary." what does that have to do with socialism ?bernie is not a socialist, though he sometimes claims to be one .

WhatIsDaAuck(198) Clarified
1 point

where is womens suffrage a human right in the bill of rights ?

WhatIsDaAuck(198) Clarified
1 point

"Your leaders need you to give high respect to military" all military personel, even the ones who dont do anything ?

"It is the most important component of a country" i dont know about that, what are the other components of a country ?is a president one of them ?because no one respects all presidents .

WhatIsDaAuck(198) Clarified
1 point

paycheck and pension and healthcare and sometimes bonuses .....................

"I repeat, the Left wants a socialist Government (absolutely no question about it)." lol, can you even name a single american socialist ?i cant .i know there was someone who ran for president in the socialist party, but i couldnt tell you his name .bernie is the closest i can think of, but of course even he is not close to socialist .

"There's no question the Left has been pushing this nation towards Socialism one step at a time. It's their goal just as it's their goal to take our guns. They will never admit it until they have brinwashed enough people and appointed enough judges to make it happen." but hillary is further right economically than trump, correct ?i think if they were aiming for socialism that they would have taken bigger steps by now .do they want to take our guns ?i dont know .even if they did, i dont know how far they would get .the NRA is awfully strong .i think our right to bear arms is one of the least likely to be taken away .

"Remember when Obama and Hillary were aginst gay marriage a few years ago?" i agree, they are disgraceful for being insufficiently liberal .

WhatIsDaAuck(198) Clarified
1 point

how about giving people the choice as to whether they want to pay for unemployment insurance, instead of forcing them to pay for it ?

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About Me

"i believe in freedom. do you ? if so, tell others . if not, why not ? auck !"

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Libertarian
Country: United States

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