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RSS WhatIsDaAuck

Reward Points:241
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10 most recent arguments.

"Religion is sacred to some people... literally."

fine .

"If a baker owns their own place, then they can decide to sell whatever they want to whomever they want. "

unless that breaks the law .

"If they don't want you to buy their product, they have the legal right to turn you down within reason. "

within reason = not breaking the law .

"For instance, I'm scared of heights. But my career choice makes me have to use ladders to reach where I need to be to get the job done. So, I take a deep breath and climb up the ladder. "

by your logic ,shouldn't they fire you for that ?

"Over the years, I have lost my fear of heights to the point where it doesn't affect me as much anymore. "

good job .

"However, lets say I didn't climb the ladder and told my boss that I'm afraid of heights. He has the legal right to fire me due to my inability to complete the job."

ok ,you answered that question .yes, he can fire you ,if it is not illegal to do so .

"A baker can use the same guidelines as mentioned above. "

refuse customers when legal ,yes .

"Homosexuality is against his religion. "

not the customers problem .

"He can claim to the gay couple that his religion will not permit him to bake a cake for them and they have to find someone else."

his religion is not an excuse to break the law .suck it up and obey the law .i know of some people whose religion permitted them to fly planes into the world trade center .not an excuse !

"Farm workers would refuse to work if they were given less than the minimum wage"

the minimum wage is abitrary .people should only refuse to work if their wage is less than what their job is worth .

"Cleaners given less than minimum wage in big cities causes them to not be able to survive on what they earn"

then they should earn more or leave .

"therefore they leave creating dirty working environments impacting health and putting of customers hurting the business more than what they'd pay the cleaners."

then the business should pay the cleaners more ,if they earn their paycheck . businesses never want to hurt themselves .

i dont have such an example .but hypothetically ,any job where an hour of labor contributes $1.20 (it was in pounds ,not dollars ,but whatever) contributes 99 cents to the bottom line of the company might be worth 99 cents to that company .what is your point ?

WhatIsDaAuck(241) Clarified
1 point

that was just a hypothetical example .i believe the usual example is bakers refusing to sell cakes to gay people .if this kind of thing is not actually happening ,then there is no problem .

"You realise employers would start paying people 99p an hour, right?" oh really, surgeons will start making 99p an hour ? or are you just talking about people who contribute nothing ?if someones work is only worth 99p an hour, that is what they should be paid .

"If you want to abolish the minimum wage, you'd also have to greatly lower the price of food, taxes, rent, etc. so that people can actually survive" or people could simply contribute more and earn their living .

"Repost your argument when your boss starts paying you 50 cents an hour" maybe he intends to earn more than that .if the market rate for your work is 50 cents an hour then you arent trying very hard .

WhatIsDaAuck(241) Clarified
1 point

my point is that the 1st amendment protects religious liberty ,which is the right to practice any religion or no religion .true religious liberty is not in danger .so when people say that because they have to sell a cake to a black person that their "religious liberty" is threatened ,that is not true .they dont mean religious liberty ,they mean right to discriminate .

yes the 1st ammendment protects religious liberty .religious liberty has always been safe and has nothing to do with discrimination .

WhatIsDaAuck(241) Clarified
1 point

but surely a freelance photographer can choose whatever jobs they want ,right ?

WhatIsDaAuck(241) Clarified
1 point

ok .i have started my own debate about religious liberty and i will start another debate about whether christians are crybabies .i will have to leave this debate as i dont understand why atheists are considered cry babies .some examples would be helpful .

obama is not liberal at all .when did he legalize marijuana, for example ?obama was pretty much a carbon copy of bush .

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About Me

"i believe in freedom. do you ? if so, tell others . if not, why not ? auck !"

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Libertarian
Country: United States

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