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RSS Whichwayisit

Reward Points:13
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3 points

Well watching someone break there leg jumping a fence will most likely deter you from jumping that fence don't you think? Having televised murder maybe on pay-per-view could very possibly deter a numerous amount of murders. It may not have worked in the past but a lot of things didn't work in the past.

2 points

Drinking impairs your ability to think and even read clearly. I never drink when I am doing something that may be of importance.

2 points

No they shouldn't! That is our money getting thrown into their pockets for doing what? A bad job!? You gotta be kidding me!

2 points

That is a good video I liked the happy guy =]

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He definitely should not have apologized and in doing so he killed all the funniness that was ever there in that comment. Now when I see that clip I'm thinking why did he apologize!?

3 points

MLK he put into effect the Civil Rights movement and without him maybe the USA would have turned out different. I am well aware of Gandhi's influence on MLK but I am sure Gandhi was influenced by another also so really it is not who you take your advice from its what you do with the advice.

3 points

He may have made a mistake but that mistake lead to the finding of America. Without Columbus's discovery the world be be totally different. Discovering america is the most important discovery of a landform to date. He is deserving of that title

hmm nope dont think so. All of those flying saucers are publicity stunts and area 51 is just a bunch of bull honkey cuz it doesnt exist.

It should be the people within the state who chooses not just the ' state ' because who would be making the exec. decision? But it should be up to a state on such a touchy subject.

2 points

If you couldn't see something that was unbelievable and absolutely ludicrous would you believe it if you couldn't see it?

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