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RSS Wyatt36

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I see what you are saying about people only talking about motocross's physical aspects, but watching motocross and doing it is a very different thing. I would know, I've been racing motocross for over 5 years and rode for 7, and when I watched it on tv before I raced, I thought that the only thing that was hard was physicality, but I was wrong! Upon being introduced to the amateur ranks, I quickly realised how scary it is to come out of a corner and have a 80 foot triple that 3-4 guys have broken bones off of earlier in the day and be expected to do it. I have also played football, and to be honest no one I have ever known has been afraid to hit someone else, including me, I played football for 2 years and I can confidently say that if I wanted the easy, cheaper way I would have chosen football. I chose motocross, like every pro out there has, and you can't consider football more physically demanding. If you would like to see for yourself search "Most physically demanding sport" on Google and see what pops up.

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