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RSS Adesantiago1

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1 point

I believe that Lennie is NOT responsible for many reasons. The fact that Lennie is handicapped makes one reason. He is one to react differently than usual when he gets scared. He was born strong and tough, he does not know how to control his actions. He just like a little kid but way bigger than any normal kid. He has the mind of a kid, but works as an adult. He didn't mean to hurt her, he was the one to just react differently.

1 point

Exactly!. And when you are bored or enjoying college life with your friends people can always be talking about the same thing.

1 point

Facebook is not good. It's an interesting site to get to know people around the world, listen to different stories, such as the news, or your favorite tv shows, even your favorite celebrity. What I am saying is facebook is not the most reliable thing in the world but its something you can go to, to know something or even get a hold of someone. Facebook is not a terrible sight it's just their to let you have fun and find new friends. Strangers? you ask ? Well thats the thing you think someone is trying to get close to you thats when you block them. It might be a free sight but it has its boundries when you want it too.

1 point

I think George should not have killed Lennie but then again I think he should have. The reason for that is because Lennie didn't mean to hurt anyone nor kill anyone. He was only being friendly and didn't want no trouble. George should have not killed Lennie because it was not his place to do it. Curley may have threatened to kill Lennie and make him suffer but Lennie would find a way out. Lennie never meant no harm nor to make anyone hate him.

1 point

I think that George should have killed Lennie and then again I don't think he should have. A reason for why I think he should have is because Lennie was too strong to be messed around with, even though he was being friendly, he's too rough to be running around hurting other people or animals for free. If George did not kill Lennie and Lennie ran away, Curley would end up finding him and killing him slowly and painfully. Either way Lennie would have suffered.

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