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I must admit I'm a bit surprised to see Hillary Clinton to be the leading choice for SecState. She was my senator when I lived in New York, and I think she did a fine job. But she doesn't seem to have a lot of diplomatic experience, other than a couple of feel good trips while she was First Lady. I understand a lot of people think Obama needs to "make peace" with Hillary after the primary battle and this is the way to do it, but I think it is vital after the last 8 years to have a strong and experienced Secretary of State and a unified vision of foreign policy for the Obama administration. Plus, she's a good senator. In another term or two, she could be a great senator. Her leadership and influence are needed in the Senate to help pass the ambitious projects Obama has promised (health care reform, climate policy, stabilizing the financial mess the Republican's have left, etc.). I think she should stay in the Senate, where I think she can use her abilities and influence to the greatest extent.

Winning Position: No, she should stay a Senator.

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