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RSS Aely55

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I don't know. I for one have seen a lot of movies where AI take control, but in today's society it just depends on what it's used for.

1 point

I mean I don't play Minecraft as much any more and it can be pretty boring, but not as boring as Roblox

1 point

You don't always have to create your own skins, if you go to options there will be a change skin options where some are free and some are part of a pack where you can get up to 20 skins and maps which costs only to 6 or 8 dollars.

1 point

Have you heard of custom skins? That allows you to have all of your custom desires, and people are creating custom gamemodes, AND there is competitive Minecraft where you can earn REAL money.

1 point

But it only has more games because that is the point and to complete a game you usually pay for robux and if you call paying for rubux better, that it might as well be the playground mode of Fortnite.

0 points

I play Minecraft more and its more open to creativity, plus if parents think violence is a problem turn off mobs spawning. Also Minecraft is getting a lot of updates while Roblox is only getting maps that are good for a wile and it's hard to find good content while Minecraft is forever changing unless its a flat world.

1 point

I made that when i was only an xbox user now, its not so good. My dad uses it because it can support the games he played as a child.

1 point

It is getting more friendly adding in the playground mode, sure it is still a little violent, but depending on how old the child is it could be healthy is short amounts.

1 point

If you want to get a point across, say exactly what you mean.

1 point

Why should it continue in the first place? It's just so stupid to support it.

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