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RSS Airplane2004

Reward Points:8
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people can afford to fly in luxury, therefore should be able to have a glass of wine on air france if they can afford it and want to pay for it

1 point


some instruments are very hard to play, such as the harp, while others can be easier. Playing an instrument is not an academic subject and should not be factored into your GPA like a math class is.

1 point

it is murder to an unborn child that had the chance to live a life.

1 point

Assisted suicide should be legal because it allows for people to end their suffering. someone who is in a great deal of pain or suffering from an incurable disease should have the power to end their own life if they are in unbearable pain and cannot be helped. For example, hospice cannot be brought in until it is stated by a doctor that an individual only has a short time left to live, and is beyond help. therefore, a person does not have the power to comfortably end their life without taking drastic measures.

Winning Position: Should children be graded on how well they play an instrument?

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