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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I am not a vegetarian for i have to eat whatever is put in front of me or no candy after. when i get to choose my food I shall choose salad.

2 points

Two cells. split. dont deny the future. say no to basically killing a person.

1 point

Definitely dogs. cats can sometimes be cute, but inside they are crazy maniacs. dogs however, are always adorable and won't jump on your back from the top of the shelves when you walk by. cough, beevo and revelie.

1 point

I love yoda the philosipher. ditto to above......................

1 point

Never. but then, i'm not even that fast compared to my LITTLE brother. what an elf.

1 point

Yes if you like strawberry more than chocolate, you arent going to change that. if you do not perfer either one, your just that much easier to sway.

1 point

No, if they were bieng worn by nude people, your buying a birthday suit

1 point

to me, seventh graders are really mature and should use this for their nourishment of polite debating. i just wish there was some kind of lock that prevented language. after all, I am only in fifth.

1 point

Yes for god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him shall never die but have eternal life. john 3:16

also in the bible, everyone was made by Him. why would he make us if he didnt want us? in bibleclass we sang a song about how he loved us and is our heavenly father. why would he say that if he didnt mean it? because he did mean it. God is perfect He would never lie. EVER.

1 point

God is real because im a christian. nothing more there. aliens, like green giants with 101eyes, are definitely not. maybe tiny litte low-matinence bacteria, but no 'aliens'

Winning Position: should paper books still be produced or should devices take over?

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