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RSS Aston17lais

Reward Points:46
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

at first we must understand carefully the difference between rape and sex, sex is sometime misunderstood as rape, and only the male is being punished. I think there is a lot of contradiction in this topic.

1 point

ofcourse yes , it will be useful for everybody when after reading your mind will grow

1 point

it should be legal. school is the place for learning, students can test both good and bad. there can be more awareness to the society if the youths know about the drugs rather than closing the eye.

1 point

abortion should not be banned because when we know the baby inside womb will spend his or her lifetime as a handicapped, abortion should be the only way to prevent the child to suffer in living life. It is a good thing for the baby. It is like protection.

1 point

it is because your don't accept dying. Our body is made specifically to live for certain amount of time

1 point

its international, all should participate to bring peace and joy

1 point

It is a normal, natural thing, there is nothing to be scared about. Masturbation is better than rape. It should have a gap of above 3 days, as it drains energy, we must have proper diet and rest .

1 point

In the past centuries where there were few transportation or less connectivity from one corner of the world to another part of the world , people used to speak only their own native language but these days English is one of the languages which has been used as a second language in most of the countries in order to communicate that boost human's intellectual by sharing one's ideas and knowledge among us.

1 point

the people who died in suicide , and who accept suicide were/are the people with pure heart , they don't have any dishonest attitude in them. Mostly they are good people .In one case they sacrifice their life so that some of the evil things are eradicated/ carried with them.

1 point

its personal choice, can only vegetarian feed the stomach of the whole population? people assume that we should feel pity to kill animals or life forms, okay that's right in one sense but what about millions and millions of people killing and murdering going on. how could you say that an animal is important than a human, are not you human. My opinion is that we must first stop killing people , and after that vegetarian.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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