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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

you guys are all crazy rosie is a bitch and the fcc should ban her from doing any type of tv or radio show. it is unacceptable that she is back on television. i saw part of her show last night and i found it unentertaiing. im not sure why any celebreties would want to make an appearence on that show.

4 points

obama has never lead anything and has never published any of his political and he was a professor before being senator so there isnt much leadership there in my opinion

palin has much more experience because she has had several different jobs where she is the leader such as mayor and govenor. so what if it was for a small town and small state. palin is a representative for the true americans.

unfortunately it doesnt matter because as joe cavalry said , this election is pretty much wrapped up

-6 points
2 points

like, yeah man!!

2 points

it is a very stupid plan. our country is trillions of dolllars in debt,yet we are spending billions more which is just digging a big burden for our kids and grandkids.

1 point

americans are not progressing. if we were we would realize that having all these wars is putting our oil into a crisis. one accident can screw the country into a civil war for oil.

2 points

you really cant compare jimi hendrix to anyone because he is the best. this debate should be two guitarists against jimi hendrix. then it might be even.

1 point

those are pretty cool looking

2 points

even though sarah palin is hot........ :)............she has her crap together and she knows what she is doing

2 points

I love creamy somuch better. it has a smoother taste and it gives me more satisfaction than any other peanut butter. I hate having the crunch everytime I eat a pb&j;. it gags me and makes me want to barf.

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Name: Ian Muhlbach
Gender: Guy
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other
Education: Post Grad

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