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RSS Beastforever

Reward Points:203
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10 most recent arguments.

anyway, comprehend should have been the word there, rather than imagine..

how a grape tastes and the sound of a train going by

Of course I can, I can imagine the difference as they use two different senses of my body.. that's technically the difference..

a triangle with less than three sides

two sides of a triangle, can be a part of a triangle with three sides, but appear two sided when two of its sides are extremely long and i see only a part of the picture of the triangle, so to me, I am looking at a triangle, but I see only two sides..

Not rational in any way, they aren't cancer cells, they're human beings, there's a lot of difference..

so you want to generalize terrorism to all belonging to a particular community.. hmmm....

Not letting them in sure makes it difficult for them to attack, but that still doesn't completely rule out terrorism. And what about all those people who are not terrorists?

I just made you upvote your opposition. that's how easy you are to manipulate.. please try and make an effort to ask yourself questions and try answering them logically.. you'll be in loss, otherwise..

You'll need the prophecies to match the specificity of the Bible's claims and come true

not necessarily, the idea was to make prophecies and it turning out to be true, as they are my prophecies..

There ya go, I gave you a bunch of upvotes........and you are still losing everything in death.

oh, am I? :)

and none of your prophecies about the future actually happen in real life

there is still a "possibility" just like we previously talked about existence of god..,

so nobody can conclude and generalize.

Many people have claimed to be God in modern times. Very few remember them, and they were just months and years ago.

it's because of the "execution" part i talked about in the other argument, that went wrong for all of them, and possibility that i become successful of the claim, still exists.......... let's just stop debating this here, it's way too off topic.

Your followers will also have to be so convinced that they all die in your name to defend who they say you are

you seem to get things now, see, i was just another person, who didn't die ....

but still i have people who think I'm god and just because i said so, who believed that i actually died, and still continue to believe in me just because no one can ever know what i truly was..

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Winning Position: yes
Winning Position: yes, anything is cool
Winning Position: Are governments hiding stuff from us?

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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