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RSS Beastforever

Reward Points:511
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beastforever(511) Clarified
1 point

Someone who questions everything. Someone who understands why square pegs were not meant for round holes.

A conservative could do that. The only difference is, a conservative would most likely have predefined answers.

You've made it clear that you're not a conservative. What do you consider yourself to be?

ROFLs and LMMAOOs sure won't................................

beastforever(511) Clarified
1 point

Sorry but I think #2 will describe the pro death penalties 😏

seems totally irrelevant..

Although there has been quite a debate till today about an "objective" morality of some sort, Science and morality can, in fact coexist.. While science tells you things the way they are, morality in my opinion, is objective in it's most agreeable statements, in other words, if someone would look into "morals" one can find that it all comes down to survival as a species.. we're genetically hardwired to survive, and we can draw comparisons to how groups in the wild behave and find out they too, have a certain innate sense of how to survive as a species. With all that said, while one can reach a point where you have two differing suggestions proposed by science and morality, you're the king and they're your ministers, choose to execute which best suits you.

Sure will! and you too....................................................

I think more debates on science and philosophy could make this place of value to students coming in.

I say P.E is important for the kids who aren't much into keeping themselves healthy, it might seem quite a pressure to them during the P.E hours, but it'll give them some physical exercise which in turn might even end up becoming a healthy habit to few.

1)I think the ones who can think to an extent will realize that their existence depends on the existence of a society and hence we shouldn't generally see massacres.

2)If we do have a murderer, anyone who knows so will try to eliminate the murderer just cause of the fear of being killed(not always though, but sure is a possibility) and if the person chooses to kill the murderer, would end up becoming a murderer and there is a chance this cycle could go on.

3)As of the above point, it's a possibility provided that there aren't ways to contain murderers. Which brings me to the point where people would gather around and find better ways to stay alive by doing things necessary to not let people kill anyone randomly. A suggestion could be making the murderer blind.

4)If seeing someone and killing them is also applied to people seeing through cameras, warfare just got an update.

It all comes down to what percentage of the population cares about the bigger picture of surviving as a species..

I think anyone who isn't depressed and is in a clear state of mind should have the right to choose how and when they will die.

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