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RSS Beastforever

Reward Points:476
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10 most recent arguments.

I'm sure this site was amazing when you were off this site watching porn. Hope you keep it that way.

I've observed that over the past few months, people seem to have deserted this website, (including me but that's a different story) the few that were good on this website no longer seem to be active..

What tells you that it is my prime duty to save the person?

Given the fact that america's a secular country, it shouldn't fall....

beastforever(476) Clarified
1 point

Thanks for elaborating my point, and how the person has landed in that state is a question for the person himself, while I don't say that pushing the person is not a reason to hold the person responsible, but The debate title makes it clear that the person is already in the state of drowning and "help" is what is questioned, which a killer wouldn't. So It is obvious that this "killer" put the person in a water body to kill the person and that's obvious for everyone. What isn't obvious is the fact that if you are a person who just randomly happened to see this person drowning, and you refuse to help, will you be responsible for the death? I prefer answering the unobvious, as it is the unobvious that make debates, not what's obvious and agreed by everyone upon.

In my opinion, it is a right when we talk about nations with economy that can support education.. If a country isn't capable of supporting education, it can be seen as a privilege rather than a right.

"Wet" is a state of a material other than the liquid which causes it.. the liquid is the cause and wetness is the effect...

beastforever(476) Clarified
1 point

Sounds to me like you are a hurt animal biting the hands that try to help you.

I admire your persistence. The fact is, this animal needs no help.

So you boast of being a beast

I don't. Intimidating, am I?

and apparently want to be one forever

Isn't that obvious?

Keep on your way and you will wake up in Hell.

I woke up in my bedroom this morning..

Since you seem set on embracing your doom, there is no point in wasting time trying to reach out to you like you were worth more than an animal.

Says the person who's triggered enough to dispute with the same argument over 4 times..

It's your future which you should be concerned about. You are opposing your own life, choosing death, and believing or hoping you cannot be stuck in eternal dying in the fire of Hell. You want to be a beast forever? Well, I guess you are succeeding. It is not me who is cursing you. By fighting against God, you are making yourself accursed. You are incurring God's wrath rather than seeking His mercy. That is your choice; you have been persuaded to be opposed to God who is your only hope of life......whoever taught you or set that example for you is not your friend. You I can tell how that you can be saved, them........well, I guess you care about them no more than you care about yourself.

Someone's triggered..

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Winning Position: Why have people deserted this website lately?
Winning Position: Nah, It's regular bs
Winning Position: beastforever gets roasted, join in.
Winning Position: we try to change their opinion
Winning Position: what would be the present state of the world if western colonizations never took place?
Winning Position: yes

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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