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RSS Beastforever

Reward Points:437
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Science does a lot, the fact that we are debating on this topic proves it does. Science was never meant to "produce" anything, it was made so that we can manipulate nature around us to fulfill our needs and understand nature better.

He has a very business minded approach to how he deals with stuff. It might be good when in business, not really when leading a superpower, It seems to me that all his decisions are money based, in other words, money is the motive.. While I'm not saying that economical perspectives are not good, when you lead a nation, it's not a business, it's sheer leadership. To excel in economy certainly means citizens would have a better lifestyle, but should it be at the cost of unity and peace? should it be at the cost of peace with other countries which would actually be good for a nation in a long run? to conservatives and people who believe in trump's methods, his methods might seem to be flashy , but it's not doing good in the long run, from where I see it.

I'd say, problem with trump hence problem with USA politics.

There are ways to prevent children from pornography, one of the best ways is to make a kid mentally able and mature enough to understand the consequences of pornography.

Considering the fact that liberals fought for the immigrants to get in, they would most likely let liberals in, as a sign of gratitude, to be practical. But I also think it depends on the number of conservative immigrants. If there are more of em, it's more likely they won't let liberals in, while liberal majority would mean everyone is let in.

Children can know about their existence, for knowing their existence can do no harm to them, it should be made clear that being heterosexual or homosexual is completely their opinion, and it's not wrong to have their own personal views on it. In my opinion, it should be made clear that it is normal to be homosexual, just as normal as being heterosexual. However, I do think that such matters should only be brought up when the child is mature enough to think and understand such issues.

beastforever(437) Clarified
1 point

Oh cool, nice to know the history of your name, and I certainly get the last sentence of your argument.

We've got similar names, is that an indication we might have similar ideologies?

In my opinion, self pity leads to destruction of self confidence, one must realize that he/she should be ready to face any set of situations, at any moment of time. The aim should be to make the situation better, not whining about it, because all it does is makes the task apparently more difficult and reduces performance by destroying self confidence.

I think it's fine either way, until the baker admits and acknowledges the fact that his denial is because of the customer being gay.

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Winning Position: beastforever gets roasted, join in.
Winning Position: we try to change their opinion
Winning Position: what would be the present state of the world if western colonizations never took place?
Winning Position: yes
Winning Position: yes
Winning Position: yes

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