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RSS Beastforever

Reward Points:457
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10 most recent arguments.

Whenever you prove that he is wrong he refuses to acknowledge his mistake and simply carries on arguing.

If you've proved him wrong, why do you choose to go on? how would it matter in the first place if he continues to argue when you've proven him to be wrong? I mean, it's out there, for anybody who looks into the debate, why do you seek acceptance from Amarel, if you've proven him wrong and (in your perspective) amarel chooses to ignore it..?

He's a neat debater, not all get what he says............................................................

Yes, come sit on daddy's lap.. and watch your dad getting trolled.

beastforever(457) Clarified
1 point

Things can be determined with certainty

tell me heisenberg's uncertainty principle is wrong.

God gave us our senses and power of reason for that purpose.

reason right there, has brought science. Not that the first part of your sentence was stated with reasoning..

You probably won't because of your pride

I'm as humble as kendrick Lamar.

but you can know God personally

I'd love a cup of coffee with god, dark, two sugars please.

Some people just don't want to know where they are going

I can see that, clearer than ever.

Why do you think people don't want to know where they are going, and they prefer to hope in what they feel, think, or believe is probable?

Exactly, why?

beastforever(457) Clarified
2 points

Sorry, but the very notion of our unbelievable complex DNA just randomly mutating from a single cell, is ignorance to the max and most probably wrong..

how do you know it's random? what if it isn't random at all? you believe our dna is complex because it's ours, if a rock could think, it'd probably think it's special as well, to it we would be random stuff happening around it.

I say the origin of life is an amazing miracle, whatever you believe.

I say the origin is not an amazing miracle, whatever you believe.

beastforever(457) Clarified
1 point

I never called anyone stupid for the beliefs they have, it's how they get to their decisions is what I'm talking about. While I was talking about ignorant people, I was talking about the ones who make decisions without any underlying foundation, it can be someone who is ignorant and takes an atheistic side or someone who is ignorant and takes a theistic side.

Probability for sure exists, and things that cannot be determined with certainty, can be talked about in terms of probability. It's always better to think in it's true sense without having any biases, to any side, which leaves us certainly in a better side, which might not necessarily be right, but most probably is.

It's not so easy when you are sick from lack of nutrients.

nah, a balanced diet is as well possible without meat.

Not living in nature, in my opinion doesn't need to be a reason to lack survival. As it's the surroundings that decide someone's survival, not nature in it's true sense.. Back then, one's surroundings was "nature", today it isn't... and that too only to some degree.. and one can as well survive in the wild, as a species, without being a carnivore... If there was a "predator" approaching you, the only difference it would make is that a vegan would kill it and not eat it, but the person would be safe, thanks to his survival instincts.

Isn't that why the nsfw section is present in the first place?

Many keep judging it mainly because people argue that it isn't a fairy tale. Although I do agree that there are some ignorant people out there who have drawn conclusions from thin air, not on any sound reasoning, but just blatant judgment.

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Winning Position: what would be the present state of the world if western colonizations never took place?
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