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There is no point in attempting to compare every aspect of the Black experience in America with the GLBT experience. They are different. But in this analysis -- the right to marry whoever one chooses, should they agree -- the two are identical. A Majority of The Powerful have forbidden by law (based solely on their religious convictions) that there are "classes" of Americans who do not have the same access to Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness as do others -- namely, The Powerful Majority. The laws against "miscegenation" are all dinosaurs now, and black/white couples are becoming common and well-accepted in most places. But I am sure that there are places in this country where I could still find a majority willing to re-adopt them. THE FACT THAT A MAJORITY SUPPORTS NON-CONSTITUTIONAL LEGISLATION DOES NOT VALIDATE IT. And laws prohibiting gay marriage are -- like the miscegenation laws -- clear, de facto contradictions to the First Amendment. It has been pointed out in this dialog that the anti-gay-marriage faction uses arguments that are identical to those of their anti-mixed-race-marriage predecessors -- all of which are generated and supported by a specific religious point of view, and nothing else. Nothing. It is far past time for the Fundamentalists to get busy, read their Bibles, and start rendering to Caesar what's Caesar's. In this case, the it's the decision as to whether we all enjoy equal rights and protection under the law, or just those of us in the Powerful Majority.

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