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RSS Bluefacebaby

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2 points

To start, we are not attempting to control anyone, simply create a system of government that is fair for everyone. Because of our checks and balances, one branch of government will not control the entire system. Too little democracy will not be an issue at all because we will have delegates that will represent the people in every state, and the amount of delegates a state gets is based on it population meaning that everyone has an equal voice. Our constitution is 10000% not based on Elites, it is rather there to benefit all citizens equally and protect YOU from losing basic rights and power. THE POWER IS IN ALL PEOPLE NOT ONE GROUP OF PEOPLE!!! Power of the purse will also ensure that your thought that we will only pass bills we want passed will not be possible. This is because the bills originate in the House of Reps which is controlled by the people. YES MADISON SAID THAT, too bad he is talking about your unstable, poor, weak state gov't and not our new powerful gov't system.

2 points

Small state governments are TOO UNSTABLE. This is because they were too democratic, and the states were controlled by too many debtors. This led to the passing of the debt forgiveness law meaning debtors did not have to pay back loans creditors gave them, but when they did pay it back it was paid in carrots. SO UNFAIR!!! New Gov’t would not stand by this and will make it fair for everyone because there is simply no way peace will remain in the states with this unruliness happening. (Pg. 300)

2 points


This will insure that our government is fair and does not have one branch with too much power like that of a dictatorship such as North Korea. Each branch will have its own powers and will limit the other 2. Also what we need to get through these anti-feds heads is that WE THE PEOPLE have Power of the Purse meaning taxing power originates with US not THE BIG CENTRAL GOVT. (Pg. 303).

Our new gov't is not a big bad too powerful gov't, rather it is a government by the people for the people and that is what the anti-feds will not accept, therefore we must show them this will work in order to get our 9/13 states to ratify.

1 point

Absolutely incorrect!!!

With your small state gov't eliminating loans and taking away creditors money and refusing to pay back, this is only harming the weak, unstable, state governments. We have offered to insert a bill of rights into the constitution if you people will just listen to us for once and understand we know what we're doing. Within this new overpowering gov't that will be sure to take over the world, states will all have delegates that will vote representing the people of their state. (Pg. 300-306)

bluefacebaby(1) Clarified
1 point

On page 69, you will see where my federalist brothers argue that a list of rights could be "used against someone who discovered a new right." We see on page 70 how passing this bill of rights gets our constitution ratified. "In the end, the Federalist did not see much harm in passing the Anti federalists Bill if it led to more states ratifying the constitution."

1 point

When anti-federalists requested a bill of rights, us federalists thought a bill of rights was not necessary because the power that is not held by the central gov’t is held by the states and their people. After years of debating, we did compromise with the anti-feds and gave them their bill of rights immediately after the ratification of the constitution. (Pg. 69 & 70)

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