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RSS Borisdecker

Reward Points:6
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2 points

Because socialism is legitimately the right answer. Smart people often get the right answer.

borisdecker(6) Clarified
1 point

Guilty or not, everyone who owns a gun is dangerous. Americans just don't quite understand that yet.

You are one hundred percent correct, sir.

2 points

First let's start with the FACT that there is no evidence that we will run out of Oil or Natural gas.

I would sooner start with the FACT that you are a dribbling retard without any idea what you are talking about.

At the rate of U.S. dry natural gas consumption in 2015 of about 27.3 Tcf per year, the United States has enough natural gas to last about 86 years. have-and-how-long-will-it-last

2 points

I read the dialogue. Nom proved Fromwithin to be 100 percent accurate.

I literally just busted you for distorting other people's language, Bronto. You are 100 percent a liar.

1 point

Fromwithin hasn't been alive for centuries

You are very clearly distorting the meaning of the language you are reading. In the context it was used, "you" obviously referred to the group of which FromWithin is a part (i.e. Christians), not him personally.

Stop distorting what other people write Bronto. It is irritating and makes people want to slap you.


2 points

but he was nowhere near to admitting that Jews "are not a race".

Obviously this man is in some kind of denial. His statement clearly could also be applied to Jews.

Jews can also be of any race and ethnicity you hilariously stupid troll. There are Japanese Jews, Eskimo Jews and African Jews.

Absolutely true. I knew a Japanese Jew once. Nice guy, but strange.

1 point

I've suspected for a long time that he might be Jewish. It isn't a particularly difficult conclusion to come to. He's greedy, dishonest, corrupt and he lies and cheats at everything.

Yeah, don't get me wrong. I'm not attacking Jews. I'd be surprised if they were all as untruthful as Bronto. It's more about the effect his religion has had on his politics. He's literally a fascist.

1 point

You have an entire religion dedicated to the extermination of theJews.

Shut up you extremist Jew prick. Everything you say is a lie. Literally everything.

1 point

Are you well?

You upvote your own shitpost 13 times and then ask somebody else if they are well?

Fuck off back to Israel you idiotic little shit. I'm sick of your constant lies and continued abuse of this website.

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