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RSS Brontoraptor

Reward Points:336
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10 most recent arguments.

The truth is right there in front of our face. But most Atheists are not interested in the truth. This is entertainment to them. Want the truth? Want reality? Well, here it is.

The Bible doesn't say God has "infinite love and forgiveness". He isn't an absolute zero robot. He is what He is. Now define "Hell" from the Biblical perspective.

Define "evil" for us. Evil is a subjective word. The Cowboys thought the Earps were evil. The Earps thought the Cowboys were evil. This is a false proposal. Why? Because God is as He is, and anyone who opposes him is evil from His perspective, and vice versa for Satan. It doesn't matter. You adhere to one view or the other to define what is evil to you. If you are with God, His ways are well with your soul. If you are not, destruction is all that remains.

You can blame the Christians for the Crusades? They were fighting for their right to exist. The Islamic empire was taking over that entire part of the world by force and conquest.

It's a false equivalency. It's like going to Africa and saying "there are white people in Africa". Sure, it's technically true, but most Africans are black. Point? For every Christian or Atheist that does something violent there are swarms of Islamic attacks. There were 452 suicide attacks in 2015. Guess how many were Islamic.

Reasons men are opting out of life, success, and marriage-

Social justice warriors vs common sense-

And men are beginning to opt out of marriage in force. Why? The system is bent heavily against them. The woman gets the gold in a divorce, and it just isn't worth it to get married nowadays for a man. Why?

1)Women are suppressing being feminine, which is not attractive to men.

2)He'll lose the kids.

3)He'll pay the alimony.

4)Why bow the cow when you can get the milk for free?

99%+. You are welcome to test it on your next date if you are male and see what happens.

Displaying 10 most recent debates.

Winning Position: Mecca is Mystery Babylon
Winning Position: Liberal women want Cons man
Tied Positions: Islam not the beast vs. Islam is the beast
Tied Positions: MM is not voting Trump vs. MM is voting Trump
Winning Position: I understand
Winning Position: Not propaganda
Winning Position: Brainwashing
Winning Position: Hillary is a fraud

About Me

"I was the second gunman on the grassy nole."

Biographical Information
Name: Bronto Raptor
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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