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RSS Byb263

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1 point

It doesn't, I was merely remarking that the debate we are having is actually : does god exist?

3 points

The prohibition lead to the rise of mafia families such as Al Capone, the war on drugs(especially marijuana) is just a case of history repeating itself

Thus we must legalise it and tax so it will benefit us economically speaking but also, the companies that will be created will render drug dealers useless as they will be unable to compete with the free market.

4 points

there are philosophers who want to draw an ontological distinction between existence and reality. Take for example Russell: in The Problems of Philosophy, Russell defines existence as the set of all things that can be located in space in time; however, he claims that there are also Universals, which have reality or subsist, but are not spatiotemporally located.

Similarly, you might use an existence-reality distinction to talk about fictional mental content, e.g. The content of my thoughts about unicorns is in a sense real, insofar as those thoughts are intentional mental states, that I actually in fact have, about unicorns, but the content of my thoughts about unicorns doesn't exist, insofar as those intentional properties fail to refer to anything in the real world.

2 points

you speak of miracles but have you seen the state of the world lately. War, famine, rampant poverty are all realities many people have to face.

Miracles I believe are not magic tricks such as separating the seas, miracles are derived from our ability to surpass ourselves, to prove to others that we are fundamentally good and selfless people. What someone calls a miracle can just be someone else helping that person such as helping homeless people get back on their feet, giving children the opportunity to receive an education and not have to live in ghettos where drugs and violence are what they face every day. Miracles come from us.

byb263(9) Clarified
1 point

Saying that atheism is more right implies the existence of relative truths. For example, christians might say that whatever religion says about evolution is true to them but as an atheist aligned with more scientific perspectives, you should refute the existence of such relative truths. Thus you must say atheism is right (in regards to what is another to what is another matter) and theism is wrong, or you cannot use the word "right" as you risk being philosophically inconsistent.

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