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RSS Cabbagedrone

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I say we give kids more homework, and not allow them to have phones until they reach a fair amount of brain development.

-1 points

I vote for only having private debates.

THE FACTS: Obama did not have a separation policy.

He still seperated families at the border and used cages.

The Trump administration didn’t, explicitly, either, but that was the effect of zero tolerance, which meant that anyone caught crossing the border illegally was to be criminally prosecuted, even if they had few or no previous offenses.

In other words, Obama did it, he just did it without a zero tolerance policy (probably because the law infers a zero tolerance policy by the nature of being a law), but he still did it.

The policy meant adults were taken to court for criminal proceedings and their children were separated. In most cases, if the charge took longer than 72 hours to process, which is the longest time that children can be held by Customs and Border Protection, children were sent into the care of the Health and Human Services Department.

Democrats have declared that seperating children from parents is immoral, and your own statement admits that Obama's administration did exactly that.

It's even more stupid when you consider the fact that I have no idea what Mussolini said because unlike the dickhead who opened the topic I don't sit up all night jerking off to his speeches.

Think about how stupid you must be to call people fascists while not knowing that the creator of Fascism didn't say right wing things, but rather said left wing things.

Do I agree with Mussolini when he said: "We are at WAR with socialism"?

Conveniently no link.

I copied and pasted the words "Mussolini we are at war with socialism". Nothing came up.

It sounds like you are trying to claim that SJWs are bad.

I quoted you line for line, word for word.

How'd cities just a few thousand years ago wind up under water? Manmade climate change or just climate change?

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