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RSS Cabbagedrone

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10 most recent arguments.

I would say you wind up penalizing anyone who doesn't have insurance.

Why the fuck, should anybody believe ANTHING about the Jews that comes out of a Jew haters mouth?

The New York Times trashed Jews and denied the Holocaust. Your response was to listen to everything they print and put your hand around their wank and begin thrusting the floor like a whore, ignore Hamas, and hate Israel because of their Communist propaganda. You're probably grinding the carpet as we speak.

Probably from either too much porn or from sitting too much without getting exercise. The testes also need to stay cool to create sperm, and sitting warms them up.

Tell me this.. What did Kavanaugh MEAN when he looked the left wing Senators in the eye, and told them that "what goes around, comes around"???

If you say "what goes around comes around", that insinuates that the peron(s) you are talking to are doing something they wouldn't want to ever be done to them or ever "come around".

Ford asked for an F.B.I. investigation to take place before the Senate hearings and was refused by the GOP senate committee.

Joe Biden telling you why that's stupid.


There were 6 FBI investigations prior to the accusation.

Ford says she didn’t want to come forward and decided to do so only after her story was leaked to news outlets.

No one with an IQ above 5 believes this.

Mark Judge, the only other witness to the alleged assault committed by Brett Kavanaugh is conspicuously absent from the Senate hearings.

1)In his testimony, he says it never happened.

2)What sane person stops their life to buy a plane ticket to DC to testify at a financial cost to yourself after giving a written testimony at no cost to yourself? No one.

Ford first went to her congressional representative with her story long before Kavanaugh was nominated by Trump

Which was to obstruct in case Romney won. And then? Democrats sat on a rape charge for years, never saying a word. Never going after the "rapist". Never bringing to anyone's attention.

She told other people about the alleged attack years before Kavanaugh was a Supreme Court nominee.

See above.

I just told the world she wasn't raped. That doesn't equal a world's worth of witnesses.

She allowed her records from a therapy session about it to be reviewed by The Post.

See above.

Ford passed a polygraph test, the results of which The Washington Post reviewed.

With only 2 questions on it, neither about Kavanaugh assaulting her.

Most of the world consists of Communist tyrants or Snowflakes who are losing their countries. If they like you, you're doing it wrong.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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