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RSS Cabbagedrone

Reward Points:101
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cabbagedrone(101) Clarified
1 point

You keep demanding that we bring in Islamofascist Nazis under the guise of immigration.

Mao and Stalin were both Atheist and Communist. Seems to be a toxic combination, and a recipe for 100 million mass deaths.

If you think that's offensive go find out what Muslims call gay people and white women.

Every Middle Eastern country refers to America as the Great Satan. Not particularly diplomatic would ya say? How about ol Kim Jong Un in N Korea? How do you feel about his diplomacy skills? Perhaps the leader of China? None would pass a liberal pc test, and you know it.

They saw Democrats with white pointy hoods directing them to their plantations. Someone has to pick the cotton at slave labor wages.

Barack Obama caused much of it. He was full blown identity politics, which ends with if you aren't the correct identity, you must tribalize to defend yourselves. BLM came to be under him, he attended their meetings and supported them, and then they became militant. The schools militarized against Conservatives. The media militarized against Conservatives. Talk shows have militarized against Conservatives. Movies have militarized against Conservatives.

The right has politically charged up the hill out of self defense. Being an open Conservative is no longer safe, thus Conservatives have made a call to arms. Try being an out of the closet Conservative today. You become like a lepper, like gays and blacks used to be, told you are equal, yet never treated as such. The Democrat Party has always used the hatred of a group as its battle cry. Nothing has change other than the group they are against.

The left is always in war mode. This friction is because the Right has decided they will give the left the war it has been begging for.

Because Liberals are thin skinned and outraged by everything. Conservatives are thick skinned and just take it.

It's a land of lawlessness and ghettos. Sanctuary cities are basically a underhanded way of creating sanctuary for criminals, gangs, and drug wars.

Liberal Universalists according to the article. Not Christian and very liberal. I guess liberals like starving kids.

Well, he certainly ain’t low energy

He's an unhinged maniac. He cried when he heard the word shithole? Imagine his crazy ass around the nuclear button. The Shaw of Iran called me a stupid pants! I am dying inside!" NUKE.

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