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I guess the biggest problem mankind has tackling, is believing in what we can not see. Scientists tell us that in our home we are never moe than 6 feet away from a spider but we could in fact prove them wrong on many occasions. We all choose and pick what we believe in. If I actually had proof that God exists I would feel such relief because I would know my acts of Faith were never in vain.

I once read a book that went into detail about this really beautiful, glowing fish, in the deepest parts of the ocean that noone can travel to, well why was this fish made, simply because it is something Jesus set aside to enjoy for himself, well what do you think we were given our hearts and souls for, those amazing feelings of pain, joy, and long suffering.

I believe they are qualities the Jesus placed in us to enjoy, noone can see your feelings,, scientists try to discredit the strength behind them by telling us its all in the mind, well my thoery is when you are hurting or scared you do not feel it in the mind, you feel it in your Gut, you hold your chest when you cry out in suffering not your head, I would be blessed to see God, and I would make sure he knew I would never eat that apple. LOL

1 point

Could you guys bellieve that this other debate site I visited were actually standing up for pedophiles saying it was natural and that in not exact words but implied that Jesus was completely accepting of it bacause it was in fact natural, what is the world coming to?

-1 points

Now as we can see, I in no way think neither are natural, I think that we do not even think of a sexual prefrence until we are teenagers. Nor do I think it is okay to teach our children that such is natural, of course we need to be loving and accepting towards gay people, I don't know a person in thier right mind who is going to just walk up to a man who has molested or hurt little boys and girls and say "Hey man no worries its a natural thing". Just my thoughts, who thinks you can even relate the 2 anyways.

1 point

You believe what you see on tv, but we know everything in science is built on theory alons just like Gods creation is thoery.

1 point

God says he is the Beginning and the end and that he will destroy the Earth and make a new one in the end times, does that not state that there is a beginning and an end, even if you start as a molecule you begin that way correct? and you say random interaction not only is our dna code 3 billion letter long but the length of our arms being outstretched is the same length of our body just like from our wrist to elbow is the size of our foot, your going to have to come to me with something better than molecules combining and seperating for me to believe that.

1 point

Cosmological evidence now refers to the "Big bang" as the point in time that the universe came into being. Our space-time-matter-energy universe had a distinct and singular beginning.

Since it did not always exist, but came into existence (had a singular beginning), then some other reality must have caused or created it.1

Everything we observe in nature has a beginning. God however is in a different category, and must be so. God is different from all nature and humanity and everything that exists, in that he has always existed, independent from anything he created. God is not a dependent being, but self-sufficient, self-existent. And this is exactly how the Bible describes God, and how God has revealed himself to be. Why must God be this way?

Our universe cannot be explained any other way. It could not have created itself. It has not always existed. And it could not be created by something that itself is created. Why not?

It isn't coherent to argue that the universe was created by God, but God was in turn created by God to the second power, who was in turn created by God to the third power, and so on. As Aristotle cogently argued, there must be a reality that causes but is itself uncaused (or, a being that moves but is itself unmoved). Why? Because if there is an infinite regression of causes, then by definition the whole process could never begin.2

2 points

I think that they should be deported yes, look at our economy it is collapsing and all the while I see Mexicans sendind money western Union to Mexico, we need that money circulation in our own country now futhermore there has got to come a time where we stop letting people come here to live, America needs to take care of America, the goverment had it to where they let so many immigrants move here in a year, well when we continue to support illegal immigration it causes an over population and then our children start suffering so people from other countries can recieve what we are born into, our right is to protect our way of life does it not upset you to see so many Americans struggling and so many of our fathers out of work because of illegal immigrants, it is becommin a shame I think America should shut down its borders at least until we get our economy back on track.

1 point

Alot of innocent poeple are sitting in our prison system today so we can't always depend on the police to determine if it was an accident or not, althoough I do agree with the need to know who murdered your loved one its hard to answer this question when you don't know the circumstances, sometimes you have to kill a person or people but I don't think that is reason enough to rot away in our prison system my man would only commit murder if he had to but no I would never turn him in for it, but if he is killing for fun or just to do it because he got too angry or something in that nature then not only should you report him but you need to be far away from him,

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