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RSS Corinne99

Reward Points:46
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0 points

I would love to see the white house pink i mean how awesome would that be. PARIS PARIS PARIS i will be the first in line to vote for her.... is she taller than Obama and McCain i mean them three together. Great photo to stick in the back ground of her next sex video. don't you think????

-1 points

ha ha ha Can people get any stupider, I mean come on even I know the difference between the 2 and who the VP's are and i am Australian!

I mean come on America What The Fuck?????

0 points

of course she is are you blind! she is war hungry and she has no idea about what she is doing! her interviews are stupid and never gets to the points of the questions that are asked! when she debates she doesn;t even defend McCain and gets shut downs with out any defense. she never makes it clear what she is arguing about and her kids names are trig and track i mean come on! she has 5 kids, 5!!!! no women with 5 kids should be working in politics no women! i am a women and i say that quite calmly and openly! she wants creationism taught in school i mean no it has already been taught in schools and made it harder for science teachers to teach and makes it even harder for science to proceed in the younger generation. we no longer need to give our kids a choice to believe story's from a book that has been inaccurate for many many years. we need to give them proven fact which is what science is!!!! fact not fiction like a silly old book. Sarah Palin is a idiot and what makes it worse is that she is a women i mean the first chance a women has made it this far and she is a complete and totally idiot! that doesn;t make me happy i mean there should be more women in politics just not her!!!!!

0 points

woop woop go Matt Damon!!! i think Sarah Palin is a idiot and very inexperienced she should not be the next VP no way and yes McCain will probably die of a heart attack sooner or later and you don't want Sarah Palin running the show i mean her kids names are trig and track what the fuck is with that! she is going to screw America up! and do you you really want nuclear weapons in her hands!! and have you heard her debates i mean come on you got shut down every single time and you didn't even put up a good fight. seriously she was beaten and shot and shat on i mean come on she didn't even defend McCain. no vp should be allow that to happen to make them and there president look like an idiot i mean come on this is a big role and she should not be allowed to have a chance of getting the position EVER!!!!

1 point

yes china definitely and sorry i don't think the us would be next in line. Australia also not very good. Jamaica and Kenya have a good chance as well as japan. they are really strong.

-4 points
1 point


i am glad fuel prices have gone up it makes you think next time you just want to drive around. carbon dioxide is a gas yes that is common yes. but carbon dioxide kills us and it kills most other living things. other than plants which need it and if we keep choping down the trees the crabon dioxide will increase and if we have more carbon dioxide than oxygen then we will die!!! and i am glad they don't dig for oil anymore!!!!

have you seen what it looks like??? big ugly holes in the ground which shouldn't be there!!!!! the fuel and gasoline is reacking our plant by the looks of it, the smell of it and the sea levels. i am in australia!!! which is a island and in the last 20 years it has been covered by water because of the rise of sea levels probably in the next 20 years it will be smaller then smaller every year we keep contributing to the increse of the gas! the ice is melting which is because it has gotten hotter and that is because of the carbon dioxide. and there isn't enough plants to keep it under control. the balance of the gases has changed which is a bad thing. if you are a scientis you should understand that if something is unblanced it will fail or become harmful. like the food chain!!! if there is an unbalance then we are screwed. that is the way of the universe. by fuel and oil we are creatating an unbalance in the universe!!!! and man is therefore th blame!!! our technogly is getting better yes but our life style is getting worse. which is pretty bad if you think about it. i mean yes we had tv's and cars and stuff like that but we are creating plastic which can't be reused. plastic is killing our animals in the ocean which is a big sorce of our food. also our life style is getting worse because of the increase in weight. our bodys are becoming fatter. that is because of our life style. if you are overweight than your diet is unbalanced and an unbalance is bad. bad for you kids because they could have heart problems which inturn can be past down. which inturn will lead us to being a worse world in the next 30 years.


the key t success as they say is a balance! there fore our increase of carbon dioxide is bad because it creates an unbalance in the atmopher!!!!!!

and for scientist to not under stand that then there teachers must not have done a good job!!!! for a sceince you have to think realsiticly and you ovisly arent!!! you can't see the whole picture which inurn is your own fault. you must be very closed minded!!!!

it doesn't take thousands of doctuments to point it out it just takes a good mind and and whole grasp on science and the world we live in today!!!!!!

so for you to say man did not do it you must be wrong! man were bulit to destory that is the reality. that is man that is how we were built!!!!!

-1 points

hell no!!!!!!!!!!! i mean is a farily penguin a hit at gay people???? some people seem to think so. it is just an old song which sounds better baa baa black sheep!!!!! why change it to baa baa rainbow sheep. it is teaching the kids wrong messages. and telling them that everything is ofensive when it is clearly not. that somg was not written to be racis i mean why would you want to do that. it could have been written by a balc man or a asian man or a white man or women so why take it the wrong way and band it form schools and change the words. now it just doesn't make sense!!!!!!!!! it is teaching kids to take everything so personly when it is not a direct racial remark at all far from it!!!!!!!!!

1 point

no it is not!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean tom cruise and john travoler support it what is worse than that. i mean they are both retards hands down!!!!! it is not a religion it is an accuse for being an idiot

-1 points

come on didn't you see all the stuff that happened. the twin towers couldn't have just fallen because of two planes i mean the structure of the buliding could have handled that damage without the collapse and the way it collapsed was also suspicious i mean a building doesn't just fall like a pancake it just doesn't happen like that and why did building 7 fall there was nothing to make it fall no planes. nothing . it had to be set up. and the government had many warning yet they did nothing. yet when you think of england and how they had the bombs as well and how they survived and didn't many deaths compared to America of course it would have had to be an inside job. there were people trying to cover something up that is why building 7 collapsed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Winning Position: She Should Be Killed
Winning Position: Sarah Palin is a complete idiot
Winning Position: .999999 =1
Winning Position: America
Winning Position: No keep it the way it was
Tied Positions: of course not vs. of course

About Me

"i am awesome lol i will kick anybody who beats me in a argument! lol"

Biographical Information
Name: corinne ya mum
Gender: Girl
Age: 25
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: Australia
Postal Code: 66600
Religion: Atheist
Education: Post Grad

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