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RSS Cruzaders

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

100% correct! .

1 point

Sure but thats in the US, in France killings and taking of hostages are a little more rare. Well to be honest they have been a litle less rare since the morons at the government decided to open the borders

1 point

In France we make this dish called "tartare de boeuf" you should try it, it tastes damn good and fits your caveman agenda ;)

1 point

In Stargate Atlantis there was an alien base at the north pole, its probably still there .

1 point

People who just arrived in the country can be as patriotic as someone whos family has beeen there a long time, but usually people who really care about their country have been there for a long time.

Dunno how it is in the US but in France its easy to trace your origins because the church has done a remarquable job of keeping birth and death records. My families earliest recorded ancestor lived during the 12th century and was named Pierre, cheers to him !

2 points

Sorry but I cant see any of your arguments, I just see some whining about Andy...

1 point

Its against the rules to make debates wich are not in the form of a question, as it is against the rules to personnally attack people. Do you want to know why? Its is to avoid utterly stupid and pointless debates such as this one.

"Andy doesn't know the difference between science and religion"

As debators what do you expect us to do when we see the title of such a "debate"? There is no debate to be had, you are just throwing out your opinions without backing them upp without any kind of evidence. A user of this website once compared people who do such things as "monkeys who throw shit at each other" , the image is stricking and fits perfectly

Here is a usefull link on how to debate, please read it:

2 points

Dunno what debate youre talking about, but maybe its because you were not following the rules he specified? This debate doesnt follow the rules either btw:

-1. All debates must be written in the form of a question. If you do not, I will take the liberty to change those which I see are statements into questions.

-3. No attacks on members. You may post debates and arguments that attack public figures, but you may not post a debate or argument attacking another member. Do it once and you will be warned. Do it twice and you will be banned.

Go read the rules and have a nice day

1 point

Was that a Gatsby reference ;) ?

3 points

I'm not sure its the republican party as a whole who is against abortion but rather the christian part of it. But nonetheless I think you are right some christians are real hipocrytes (spelling?) on the question of abortion; publicly they are against it but when no one is looking they dishonor their faith

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About Me

"I am a catholic french and I am in my first year of law school"

Biographical Information
Name: Jérôme 
Gender: Guy
Age: 19
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: France
Religion: Catholic

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