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RSS Cruzaders

Reward Points:106
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10 most recent arguments.
cruzaders(106) Clarified
1 point

Wrong no , but a little weird i guess, why would you go to a ceremony you dont believe in? Do you consider it in the same way as theather?

cruzaders(106) Clarified
1 point

What is a religious school ?

1 point

Look anyone can pos ta debate in here, its upp to you to convince him that nazies were evil. If we all aggreed on each and every question there would be no need for a debate website (and bronto would be bored)

I know this wont cheer you upp but some time ago there even was a pedophile posting debates. Of course everyone found it disgusting but at least we tried to show him he was wrong

2 points

"The amount of money alone they demand as consultation is hundreds of dollars " I am catholic and not a single time priest have asked me cent, as they are not allowed to accept any money for themselves.

"religion has failed society because of the many bad things done by religious leaders" so if I am folloing your logic politics, families, friends and pretty much anyone have failed society

cruzaders(106) Clarified
1 point

This is a debate website, he asked his question politely, that alone is enough to answer him .

1 point

JUst awesome ^^ .

2 points

Normally no one has to because it is very visible, the problem arises when a man wearing a dress and lipstick claims to be a girl

1 point

Legitimately as in according to the law? Depends on the country. Semantically? it depends on the language: in this dicussion the key word is gender, and in some languages sex and gender are the exact same thing. I may be wrong here but it seem that english was in such a case, and that its meaning "Gender generally isn't referring to biological sex, it's the social and cultural differences associated with the biological sexes (masculinity and femininity)"( curtesy to WinstonC for the definition) is relatively new. My point being that the question is not correctly posed (no disrespect intented)

1 point

I think it is exactly what happened to an eastern european country (maybe eukraine? I dont remember), the anarchist "regime" lasted for a very short amount of time before being invaded by the soviets.

cruzaders(106) Clarified
1 point

I think I understand what you mean but such a society is impossible because it needs everyone to be perfect. You talk about how things could change if the majority was not stupid but in the same way that 1% of people rule the world, it only takes 1% of idiots to destroy the most utopian civilisation

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