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RSS Cstrach11

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2 points

God is a god of love, and he loves us so much

Is it the same as how Catholic priests love choirboys?

1 point

Oh, I didn't realise you were writing in a super-modern shorthand?! I would have thought typing 'mentally' was quicker than 'menntally'?

Why not translate these then for us 'outdated' people -

don't see to earn points

and Indian brains are valued more accepted by Obama......

and mmind you child is the father of a man....

2 points

Everyone makes mistakes. That is my point. You were the one having a go at Rahul9194 for posting the same comment makes sense to me how someone can do that. The things you write on the other hand, are completely incomprehensible.

Posting a coherent message twice or a simple typo is understandable, but if you're going to become the forum police and pull people up about least make sure people can understand what you write.

These are just some quick 'copy and pastes' of things you have written. Some of it, I can't even guess what you are trying to say.


and Indian brains are valued more accepted by Obama......

and mmind you child is the father of a man....

They are powerhouse of football....

what have the people gained through this activities only life have been lost

f they are given with trophies they become self-contented

1 point

I think this is what they mean when they wrote the bill of rights:

Supporting Evidence: right to bear arms (
1 point

...the best thing in the world?...really?

You need to get out more.

1 point

I used to mildly like it then South Park took the piss out of it, opening my eyes to how bland and repetitive it is. South Park and the Simpsons blow Family Guy, American Dad and the Cleveland show out of the water!

1 point

A straight comparison of goal records does not tell you which was the better player. Messi is a totally different type of player from Pele. Messi likes to get the ball wide, run at people create gaps and bring team-mates into play, whereas Pele was a target man, a finisher and an out and out opportunist goalscorer.

2 points

That link was really interesting. I posted an argument in favour of wearing helmets but you have introduced some intriguing observations to me. I'd have to say that has put me on the fence with this.

1 point

There is no evidence that shows cycling results in more injuries to the head than any other activity

Sometimes a study isn't really needed. I'd be pretty sure that cycling results in more head injuries than say yoga or playing poker. If your on the road, getting hit by a car or coming off your bike is a risk, which makes a cyclist a head injury risk...seems pretty simple to me.

There is no evidence that shows hat wearing helmets while cycling leads to any fewer injuries to cyclists than had been the case when helmets were not worn.

What negative impact do they have? If you're 'unsure' of their effectiveness doesn't it still make sense to wear them just incase. I don't understand why anyone would be so anti-helmet wearing.

It's common to believe a helmet will provide more protection than they are designed to give and it's not uncommon to find a helmeted cyclist seriously injured because the impact the cyclist has had is far beyond the helmets modest, protective abilities.

It's anecdotal to say that because someone wore a helmet but suffered an injury people shouldn't wear them. Regardless of how much protection they provide, if it is better than your bare skull hitting concrete then why not give yourself that advantage?

4 points

It builds confidence, it encourages them to participate in future games, it instils an element of competitiveness in them, it induces passion for a sport or event. Were you a child once? Do you remember playing in a sport and feeling a level of achievement or pride? If it made you happy and made you want that 'success' again then it served a purpose. Kids aren't there simply to be moulded into super-competitive realist machines. A bit of speculative ambition can be a good thing. I'm sure you wouldn't want your kids treated like adults all the time so your analogy doesn't really work.

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