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RSS Cutemini

Reward Points:5
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2 points

if you know so much about politicians then why dont you join politics ...sitting and blaming anything is very easy but finding a solution and doing it is very hard!!if india is today backward ..then the reason is its lazy young generation!!!people love to criticize politics calling it a gutter the question arises here why dont people go and clean it???

4 points

if you know so much about the politicians then why dont you join politics. sitting and blaming anything is very easy but finding out a solution and doing it is very hard. if now also india is so backward...the reason is its lazy young generation!!!

people criticize the politics and calls it a the question arises here then why people dont go and clean it???

3 points

aah....u r saying like that we only have this things....other countries donot has this...america which seem to be leading the world donot have bad eats less and waste more...the amount of food it waste can be utillised to feed the whole indian creates pollution more and blame us....what about it!!

1 point

aah...u r saying like that only india has this things.....other countries donot have this.....does the america which seems as leading the world doesnt have bad eats less and waste more.....the amount of food they waste can be utillised for feeding whole indian produces more pollution and blame us...what about it !!!!!!!

2 points

india can speak english better than orginal english man..britishers and americans speech includes a lot of grammatical mistakes who is better....indians !!!! "truth is stranger than fiction".......

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