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RSS Dadman

Reward Points:1446
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

interesting that in the winter time it's "climate change"and then in the summer time it's "global warming"

1 point

This is the judgment .. that the light has come into the world ..

and men loved the darkness rather than the light .. for their deeds were evil ..... John 03:19

1 point

Since we have accepted the technology of the atom and have rejected the sermon on the mount ..

we therefore now live in a society full of nuclear giants and ethical infants .. > <

1 point

something is only as valuable as to what someone else is willing to pay for it .......

Concerning the (soon to emerge) Antichrist and False Prophet (Revelation 13) what are we (Christians) to anticipate (Matthew 24) before the return of Jesus Christ ...... trending toward Rampant cultural rot / sexual perversion <

2 points

only an intelligence can "fine-tune"

2 points

It is not what enters into the mouth that defiles the man ..

but what proceeds out of the mouth . . .

this defiles the man ... Matthew 15:11

1 point

What about the Atheist ....... When Christopher Hitchens observes that .. “Religion is violent .. irrational .. intolerant .. allied to racism and tribalism and bigotry .. invested in ignorance and hostile to free inquiry .. contemptuous of women and coercive toward children" .. he is both right and wrong . . . . . Hitchens is right because humankind is sinful and selfish .. Indeed .. I believe it was G.K. Chesterton who said that the one Christian doctrine that was demonstrably provable .. even to casual observers .. was the sinfulness and depravity of man .. Thus .. human expressions of the religious impulse will inevitably produce some religious practices and beliefs that would fit Hitchens’ rather grim description . . . . Human history is replete with such flawed expressions of religious faith

However . . this would be true of all secular philosophies and ideologies as well .. Three of the most heinous and barbaric ideologies .. which produced the greatest cruelties and violations of humanity in the 20th century .. were fascism .. Nazism and communism . . . . all secular

Hitchens is wrong in that he condemns all religious expression to the category of such violent and negative expressions . . . Many of the noblest expressions of humanity throughout the centuries have been performed in the name of religion . . . One thinks of William Wilberforce and his long campaign to end the slave trade in the British Empire . . . Both the British and American abolitionist movements were founded .. nurtured .. financed and led to victory against the horrific evil of slavery by people who were most often inspired and motivated by deep religious conviction

The great social reform movements of the last half of the 19th and the first half of the 20th century ( child labor reform .. etc ) were often led by people of deep religious faith .. Protestant and Catholic

And of course .. in the lifetime of many of us who were born in the last half of the 20th century .. the most successful and greatest reform movement was the civil rights revolution .. led by a Baptist minister .. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr .. who often said that the movement and the faith that inspired it could not be separated . . . As many will remember .. the civil rights revolution was supported by and led to victory in large part because of the leadership of clergy .. black and white

Lastly .. one is led to ask Mr. Hitchens some questions ..

• Where are the great atheist-sponsored charitable and reform movements ?

• Where are the atheist children homes and orphanages ? ( no .. the government will not count )

• Where are the atheist leaders who are taking vows of poverty and giving themselves in sacrificial service to others ?

As Arthur C. Brooks .. professor at Syracuse University .. points out in his recent book .. Who Really Cares ? (2006): Religious people are far more generous with their own time and money than secularists .. Brooks concludes .. “Religious folks are by far the most charitable people in America today”

. . . . . Dr Richard Land

1 point

The world will do what it plans to do .... we (Christians) simply will call it what it is =

Homo merrige < God has nothing to do with it

abortion < murder

prayer in school ? pfft !! < most prayers are to the wrong god for the wrong reason < God is not obligated to answer the non-believer

PS: I will pray to my God wherever and whenever I so desire < thank you Jesus

1 point

well ...... it's not like we have no information (revelation) on this .... very glorious for some / very devastating for others .....


Matthew 25:31-32 .. but when the son of man comes in his glory .. and all the angels with him ..

then he will sit on his glorious throne ... all the nations will be gathered before him ..

and he will separate them from one another .. as the shepherd separates the sheep from the goats ...................

1 point

The Bible is under attack! We live in an age when the very idea of clear, objective, knowable truth is being assaulted—even from within the visible church.

A growing number of pastors claim it’s impossible to know exactly what Scripture means by what it says.

They say the Bible is simply not clear—rather, it’s filled with mystery and ambiguity.

Does that mean every doctrine you and I find precious is subject to new interpretation, doubt, and even wholesale rejection?

Is the Bible really infallible and inerrant? Can we really know what God’s Word means?

In Making a Case for the Bible, John MacArthur makes the case that God’s truth hasn’t changed. It isn’t mysterious or veiled—He revealed it with sufficient clarity.

This study will help you know why you believe what you believe, and instill in you a deeper confidence in the truth of God as revealed in His Word .......... < for those who wish to understand

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About Me

"technical Art Illustrator .. graphics for Aircraft maintenance manuals and part catalogs"

Biographical Information
Name: dadman sabode-com
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other
Education: High School

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