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RSS Daver

Reward Points:1759
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Yeah Hitler was f*#:%d up. What's your point.

1 point

Actually there are millions of us. Big stack of needles. Find proof that we don't exist.

1 point

War is an extremely brutal, last resort option for Americans. There really is good and evil in the world. The people of Iraq no longer live under a ruthless dictatorship. The people of Kuwait still have a country. The people of the Pacific Rim do not live under the iron fist of Japan. The countries of Europe are not now oppressed by a Nazi dictator. Freedom and self rule are alive in the world today because of the American Constitution. Put some facts into your twisted perspective and make it better.

1 point

I'm a retired "factory worker" one of millions across this nation who had careers in manufacturing and are now enjoying a standard of living that is the American dream. Your assessment of our lives and well being demonstrates a complete ignorance of fact.

1 point

It's considered to be an important step in the march toward Utopia, that we first be disarmed. Considering the history of our culture surrounding guns, it's not happening.

Americans, those who regard history as a guide, understand that weapons are part of freedom. We do not live in a mythical world where everyone is nice.

1 point

Only if you are both heterosexual and incarcerated at the same time.

daver(1759) Clarified
1 point

How are Trump's accomplishments weird?

1 point

Well ---------- sadly, the

My tablet farted and made a duplicate 😁

3 points

Well ---------- sadly, they can't defend liberalism all that well, so they kinda have nothing to go with except "attack the speaker". "Your racist"


Most often they can't provide a connection to racism or any other ism, when challenged. Challenge them and have some fun.

1 point

Wilson is a genius compared to the voters who sent her to Washington. She is your standard liberal parrot, mouthing the same tired insults that all liberals use when confronted with reality. "Your a sexist, your a raciest, you don't care about people. Bla Bla Bla.

Never having studied much Plato, I'm not familiar with "empty barrels" but she seems more like an empty hat, if you ask me.

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About Me

"Enjoy the back and forth of opinions. Sometimes I get a new one."

Biographical Information
Name: dave 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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