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1 point

She has proven what we all suspected, " Not all Lefties are idiots, but all idiots are Lefties." Ergo she's an idiot lefty. So simple.

4 points

The unrest you are referring to is not race war. Look more closely and you will see all races represented on both sides. It is a culture war. Google that and get back to us with a coherent argument..

3 points


The US and NoKo will go to (a very brief) war, if we or our allies are the target of a successful nuclear attack from NoKo.

2 points

Quite evidently Hillary and the word "thinks" no longer belong in the same sentence. One day historians will list Trump as the man who saved us all from electing Crooked Hillary.

1 point

There is a faction of the American political left that are communists. They no longer admit to their communist beliefs, but now hide among the ranks of a faction called Progressives. Their aim is the undoing of democracy. Their tactic is civil unrest, promoting violence with the aim of bringing about chaos. They are seen at every major incident involving political violence and social unrest. They are not the "red scare", they are the enemy.

2 points

Self pity will not destroy an individual, but it will block many paths to success, leading to achievement far below potential.

2 points

Of course respect must be earned. I love that insight into

"disrespect must ALSO be earned."

2 points

The PC crowd has no stopping place for this sort of stupidity.

2 points

There is no line between PC & RESPECT.

PC is a lib construct. It does not exist in reality.

Respect is shown by libs to only other libs.

To disagree with a lib is to incur the wrath of complete intolerance.

See Berkeley, CA

1 point

You assume much FW. It's highly unlikely that you know how I vote in elections, or if I support Nazis, or if I'm liberal, or anything else about me. Still you berate me as though you know. More than a little foolish, you are.

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About Me

"Enjoy the back and forth of opinions. Sometimes I get a new one."

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Name: dave 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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