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RSS DeepThinker

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2 points

I also felt God in my heart for over 25 yrs (after praying to be born again) and I even overcame every sin 3.5 yrs; which is something few so called Christians could say with straight face.

But what exactly did I feeling? Could it be that the born again experience we feel, is a religious placebo effect for those who emotionally need it at the time? The physiological causes might be in tapping some ancient genes placed long ago when life was very difficult for primitive man.

Life is alway an evaluational challenge and would always seem that it fox-holds us to believe in God Who can save us from doom. This order in the universe that even The Intelligent Designers see is nothing more than what caused by intimate the contact from The Big Bang. The ultimate pattern for the evolution of intelligent life is to be stewards in a Stable Universe that would die out when stars turned to brown dwarfs. It is for the purpose of turn brown dwarfs in yellow dwarfs that the universe has evolved intelligent life (that completes the pattern).

3 points

Atoms did not expand; The universe created it self from Nothing because Nothing is in sense highly explosive due to The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (Check it out the conservation laws are being broken within time frame of The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle):

This form it is The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle which is basis for Stephen Hawking claim that The universe Created itself from Nothing.

Biblically there is no grammatical indicative words that would direct us to take it symbolically. You are out of with both science and with God Who you blindly defend.

0 points

I bought up the "2000 year" point to bring into question (or doubt) the points people so easily throw around without throughly taking precause not to be mislead, especial since this would be a time period for which they clearly unaccustomed. BUT THIS WAS AGAINST RELIGIOUS CONCLUSION (I.E. AGAINST THE RELIGIOUS). As far as your other point (that also was about deferent religious groups). So no you don't have to take things out-of-text to show that The Biblical is evil according to how you determine evil. It is abundantly clear that the bible has a different form of morality than modern society therefore from within its own view of what constitutes morality the biblical God may be view as good. If you asked me whether I agree with biblical morality, I would say that it troubles greatly. HOW I AM RELUCTANT TO CRITICIZE THIS BIBLICAL GOD BECAUSE OF AN USUAL STRING OF BAD LUCK AFTER BECOME AN ATHEIST. MY UNDERSTANDING OF SCRIPTURE GIVES AN ARRAY THINGS TO SAY THAT MAKE THESE STATEMENTS SEEM LIKE CHILD'S PLAY BUT I BACK OFF FROM PUT THEM UP AS DEBATE BECAUSE THAT FUNNY STRING OF BAD LUCK.

1 point

I disbelieve the new reports simple because with computers you fake almost anything. Those claiming that it's anti-gravity seems laughable. But some of old reports I think might be the real thing. I tried to find out who made airogel and the history of iit seemed a bit strange to me. I would also like know more about gorilla glass. It may be nothing but when you hear stories about crashed UFOs it makes you "think maybe"!

1 point

What needs to be done is to threaten to confiscate the oil companies that make major oil spill. If that was done BP you hear more the same this year. It about time play hard ball NO MORE BAILOUTS JUST CUT THEM OUT COMPLETELY. Then stockholder will demand action.

2 points

Outsourcing was one those things you hear just before the great crash in the markets. That happen right before Clinton left office. The three engines of economic ruin we see today was: outsource, light sweet crude go from 18 dollars a barrel to 50, and exporting countries manipulating their currency market to complete international trade. During that I remember how that time magazine had whole issue on outsourcing computer jobs. You can't make havoc with colleges jobs expect every just going away. These people went to school for fours years only to find that they can not compete with ten cent a hour. They then are completely dependent Gov't so is free trade unfair trade? We never real recover from those days, the recession just goes on and on with end in sight. You see these guys aren't going to go out and spend another fours years get some new education. What it boils down to is outsourcing put them out of commission for good.

2 points

Current thinking is on a Quantum Genesis theory (aka Quantum Cosmology) the issue therefore comes down to the foundations of quantum theory. Its has been said that if you think Quantum Theory is logical then you don't understand it. There many interpretations of Quantum Theory because of difficulty with its foundation. Clearly Quantum Theory needs to be rationalized one way or another. this undoubly will result in deeper understanding of reality itself. The daunting problem is that any mistake along the way complicate further discovery.

1 point

If we had his DNA we should clone him several times. Just6 to what happens. Man must know whether God exists or not. If you had DNA from Jesus that would bring many questions both for God's existence and agaist God's existence; that kind of question is too important to be left unanswered.

1 point

I think block-holes are due totally to gravity and not quantum. Quantum Theory only become significant at the very small in accordance with the correspondence principle (wikipedia that). But I difference with meaning the spacial theory relativity (see my debate: "Does Time Really Change?" this would spill over into the general theory of relativity as well. So the that black-holes are really black stars but not because of quantum theory.

1 point

I do not thing it is possible because it would clearly violate the conservation of mass. Also at this time relativity has not truly demonstrated that true time is changing. Take this little thought experiment: a train is moving close to the speed of light so that there exists an of hour of time dilation. then is runs over man on the track. Clearly there would be collision (interaction between the man and the train) thats the whole point of thought experiment an obvious conclusion. This believe it or not prove a hell of allot for relativity. Because the train in in a different time (one hour's difference) than the man. For example you are sitting right where someone else was at a different time (i.e. two objects can co-exist at the same place at different times). You also look at it this way those experiment that show differences between atomic clocks. Well if they truly achieve time travel then it would be impossible to show a difference between two atomic clocks. This clear means that the measurement of time is change while time itself is remains fixed. Einstein said that (time is what you measure with a clock, clocks change therefore time change) this statement is not true. Therefore time travel is very questionable. Anyone who disagrees with this variation of relativity will be able to debate the issue soon.

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