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RSS Donald_trump

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1 point

Why would you take the bill of rights away???

The bill of rights secures the peoples basic rights and privileges. It also reserves any powers not given to the federal government to the states and to the people.

Without the bill of rights the government would become tyrannous!!!

1 point

The strong central government would be selfish. They will vote for policies that better themselves and create laws that help their party. It would end up being like it was before!! We would be under a despotism that we fought so hard to remove ourselves from. It would take away the sovereignty of the states. A strong central government threatens our personal liberties!!!

1 point

Yes it is, if you want a polar pop and you only have a dollar and you were supposed to buy your friend a drink guess what you are gonna do. Buy the polar pop and drink that thing right in front of your friend.

1 point

NO, this is false!!! A strong central government would be to strong then it would take away our individual rights without the bill of rights!! It would just be dominated by the wealthy and would only make decisions for themselves. We will end up just like Britian!!!!

3 points

Yes a standing army has no morals. It will more than likely be the grand engine of oppression. It will also have a strong tendency to depress and inslave the people.

A standing military will not be safe for the people's liberty!!!!

0 points

The necessary and proper clause is just a clause that will give the legislative branch unlimited power.

The clause is a loophole for congress to decide what is or is not a law. They will abuse this power by laying and collecting taxes,imposts, and excises when they want to, also they can lay unlimited taxes on whoever as they please.(Brutus 1, page 309)

This means that congress has the power to make any lay they want to make. Even if it does not have any enumerated powers to make the law they can still over rule it with this clause.It also gives them implied powers that will be debated for many years to come.

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