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Governments should be able to display religious holiday decorations on their property exclusively in example of liberty, freedom of religion, and in the circumstances that adhere to the establishment clause.

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Giving children smartphones at a "ripe" age is a hugely debatable topic, but for the most part it depends on both maturity and trust. It's important for you and your child to discuss the "bad parts" of texting, social media, and the internet as a whole. Sheltering your children will not do them any good in the long run, they'll hide things from you in fear of your judgement. If your family is accepting enough to say "If you're going to drink, just do it around family" your child will have nothing to hide, feels that they can both trust their family, and learns to stay responsible.

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I feel that if you're going to label yourself as something like an "SJW" (which has already been meticulously extremized), that you're asking for someone to come accuse you of such assumed views. I wouldn't stick to a term like that just because of aforementioned extremization. The main problem most see with the blanketed group is that they do more than just fight for equality, and sometimes go as far as discriminating a "privileged" race and gender. While I still somewhat do believe in the wage gap, I do not see the purpose of trying to further push your dominance when equality has already been achieved. Overall, I agree that saying someone is an "SJW" is a unjust way for someone to ignore your concerns, but sometimes not views.

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