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RSS Fabcharlotte

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It depends on the woman's beliefs, it is THEIR choice. They should at LEAST have the option. If you disagree with abortion, don't do it. It's not your call to make for someone else.

And don't eggs die in our uterus EVERY SINGLE MONTH anyways? What's the difference now? That it's fertilized?

What does that even mean? Ban all relationships? Ban any contact between anyone at all? Or?

Based on some of these arguments, our country is in a nasty situation. Sad times.

You are very correct.

But I think that if we are looking to have a Republican leader, it should not by any costs, be Trump.

Hillary is our best option right now. We were given a handful of average to bad candidates and we have to deal with it.

If Trump is elected, I doubt he will reign even to one full term. And if he does, I sure hope someone runs against him. I don't want him for 8 years, let alone 4.

fabcharlotte(14) Clarified
1 point

I was incorrect. Trump simply wants to shut down trade agreements with China and Mexico.

The Americans that lost their jobs because of Mexican Immigration didn't have much choice. Most were basically fired.

Here is a graph of Americans who lost their jobs to illegal immigrants.

Here is an article that states 51% of Americans believe they are competing for jobs from illegal immigrants.

These are reasons why an American might want to vote for trump.

I DO NOT SUPPORT TRUMP but you are wrong.

2 points

Regardless of his benefits, I do not want to vote for a man who calls woman fat pigs and wants to shut down trade and borders not only between the US and Mexico, but the rest of the world, too. This defies the views of the country, and it's diversity.

But there are also the people who lost their jobs because so many Mexican citizens came and took their place for a lower salary. Closing off the borders will benefit these people.

But I believe that that will more so be un-beneficial than beneficial.

Electric cars burn fossil fuels, too. The production of electricity requires the burning of fossil fuels.


Well, everyone has a reason? You most likely aren't tired for no reason.

What does that have to do with the argument specifying all dysphoric LGBT+ people?


This is exactly the same thing as saying all muslims are racist. I live in an Arab country, loads of my friends are Muslim. Are they all terrorists? NO!

So, LGBT+ people are perverts? So are non-dysphoric straight people! No, not all of them. I'm not like you. I'm not going to make a generalization.

But there are a lot of perverted straight non-dysphorics, just as their are perverted LGBT+ people. But, as an LGBT+ woman is most likely attracted to the opposite sex (MAN) they are probably NOT going to rape other woman, regardless of their genitalia. If they aren't, maybe it is ridiculous to say this, but shouldn't we trust the people to be humane and righteous in their actions? That is part of what a democracy is. Entrusting the power in the people.

Winning Position: Do the pros of Donald Trump's candidacy outweigh the cons?

About Me

"i love whales they are the most lovely creatures on earth"

Biographical Information
Name: fab woman
Gender: grrrl
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Independent
Country: Djibouti
Religion: Other

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