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RSS Funkyking23

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2 points

Has anyone ever heard of this small thing called money? BY abolishing nuclear weapons worldwide, there would be so much more money, and our economic crisis would be lessening in severity. We could just recycle all the plutonium used for nuclear weapons by giving it to nuclear power plants, therefore providing us with a heck of a lot more energy. Correct me if I'm wrong, but abolishing nuclear weapons will not only give us more money, but also more energy

0 points

I think wisdom is, because a smart person can use a strong person's strength against himself. That is truly being wise, and no strength was needed.

The best thing to have is both strength and wisdom, but here it is between the two.

1 point

It depends mostly on the region, but in general private schools are better than public schools. I have gone to both, and personally, I like private schools better.

2 points

No, I don't think so. There is a whole business called Rich Dad which is made to train people in the ways of money and investing. One of the greatest beliefs of the guy who founded Rich Dad, was that there is not enough education about money in school. That is the reason he founded Rich Dad

1 point

I would like to say Christiano Ronaldo (he is my favorite player)

But Ronaldinho is so much better

3 points

not all private schools have uniforms, or snobbery, or religious fanaticism. Research my school, its called Keystone School, in San Antonio

Honestly, i also think it depends upon the area, too

In Detroit, Public Schools are the same as Private Schools in San Antonio. Private Schools in Detroit are a heck of a lot better than any school in San Antonio. The region depends on whether private or public is better

I honestly think private is better, but that is my belief

By the way, sorry for copying a lot of stuff said above


0 points

The Spurs are going to win

Look, they've won in odd years only, and this is an odd year. They are going to continue the tradition that they've set forth.


1 point

He wrote 37 plays, 5 poems, and 154 sonnets. I think he is.

3 points

Not all seventh graders are stupidheads, like all those on the no side think. Even we know important facts.

Also, some of us are mature. All those people that think that seventh graders are immature are being stereotypical. That is like saying that all black people rap. They don't. All seventh graders are not immature. Some are mature.

4 points

If we're not gonna ever use them, why have them?

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has stated that we need “to accelerate disarmament amongst possessor states, to prevent proliferation to new states, and to ultimately achieve a world that is free from nuclear weapons.”

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has stated that "“India is fully committed to nuclear disarmament that is global, universal, and nondiscriminatory in nature.”

These leaders want to eliminate, which means according to Merriam Webster to put an end to or get rid of, nuclear weapons. These leaders became leaders because of their strong opinion, and because of their intellect. Why not listen to them, and follow their opinon?

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