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RSS Fyha

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1 point

It's high time people so need to get away from the mindset that ISIS or any terrorist gang or wateva ARE MUSLIMS!! WATSOEVER!

Those hideous ppl don't follow any religion ffs. It's awful to know that these people who "claim" to be Muslims are the reason behind Islam being backlashed.

If we look on small scale, people who do petty crimes in comparison to terrorism , they aren't doing good to anyone... equally harmful..just on a small scale but still.

How abt Muslims state they are of a certain religion , and hit back innocent people who have NOTHING to to with these petty people??

Where has the with and wisdom of people gone to???

1 point

It actually hurts..

To see a person...trying to out smart someone...ahem-you-ahem..."one species does not become complete and morph into another all of a sudden"

Plz search up the defination of "evolution"...then you wud know wat exactly we are asking for.. -_-

1 point

How about say this is the simplest of words...or rather a ques...Who do u think created you?

Now maybe you might wanna give your answers with a bunch of you evolved frpm the fossils(i read that somewhere)....which i should tell you will be the real nonsense...coz u gotta realize there is again...a creator above all...

I might be vague here..but i hope you get my point

1 point

I don't really think a reason is necessary to love Barcelona...u just simply do..becoz they play much more better than Madrid...FCB is making there one amazing history...Real madrid won't be anywhere in comparison then..😘

1 point

No terrorism does not have a's really just ppl taking their base as a there cud be many reasons...but rn...if we take for instance Isis ...Muslims are blamed the complete religion and it's ppl..but little did some know...( not all)... tht they are ppl who claim to be Muslims...and not I know wat their actual purpose of calling themselves Muslim is...either it cud be a grp of ppl from diff background who have some enmity with Muslims...or it cud be something...I've heard really often ...tht they are ppl who are taking certain type of drug (not mentioning the name)...this drug is so strong that it blocks the sense of humanity in a person...and yes this is true...but then again idrk which reason is true..but I do know for sure tht it's not Muslims who are....and jbtw if u guys object to the second reason..then lemme just tell u...tht don't u have sum humane and sane side in u..tht doesn't let u shoot of a 2 yr olds head with a gun..looking straight at it?

1 point

Am I the only one who found this dispute funny?? Like yeah mate...

fyha(53) Clarified
1 point

Excuse me! Orignal idea here...never knew u existed to troll around accounts...especially urs...stop jumping to conclusions...and just so u know...offense taken...-_-...

fyha(53) Clarified
1 point

No this is not my opinion, and at the same time I do not have evidence. It was a commotion going on in my family, about what he wanted to do(i.e.- he didnt want muslims to set foot in america) And now he has stood as candidate for the elections...Honestly i got to know about him just yesterday...

1 point

But the main priority of trump all along was to abandon Muslims from america and go completely against the religion would you choose your 'like' or'dislike' then?

(ps- just a question)

1 point

And talking about what benefits it has its amazing! so look i support both sides...XD

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