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RSS GhostheadX

Reward Points:1069
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10 most recent arguments.

A robot was smart enough to be granted Saudi citizenship. content=bufferedce8&utm;medium=social&utm;;campaign=buffer-bi

Suadi Arabia may be Muslim but they are allied with the US (unlike Syria). So please don't call me a stupid liberal. The fact that a robot can be a citizen anywhere is good.

2 points

Which would you rather have: one person with a semiautomatic rifle vs twenty something people with regular rifles, or would you rather have one person with a semiautomatic rifle and twenty something people without guns?

ghostheadX(1069) Clarified
1 point

What I meant to say is whether it will happen or if it won't. My bad.

ghostheadX(1069) Clarified
1 point

I was talking about the technological singularity. Where do I appear to be talking about the gravitational singularity? What gravitational singularity?

Michael wins.

This isn't rocket science.

Michael has better moves.

Michael was revolutionary.

Michael innovated more.

Fuck Madonna. She's a retarded pop singer and nothing more.

Madonna deserves to die.

She will burn in hell.

Someday, Michael Jackson will come back because he's the one and only Jesus Christ amd he will reign on the throne over Isrsel and basically rule Earth.

Then he will send us all to hell for liking other singers.

I'll probably be forced to be manraped by Hitler for daring to listen to not pick between eminem and ICP.

He's being sarcastic. It fits in with the sarcasm. Either you get it or you don't.

That's the same as asking: are Muslims, Jews, Asians, or Africans inherently racist? No. It's the individual every time.

ghostheadX(1069) Clarified
1 point

I was on your side brontoraptor. I think we should all have guns. What is it you think my argument is?

If one out of every ten people had a gun on them, mass shootings would probably never happen.

Exactly my point. Even someone like you gets it. And who cares what the media thinks?

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Winning Position: NO!!! FUCK THAT!!!
Winning Position: This would resolve the abortion debate
Winning Position: QUESTION: Democrats and Republicans both suck

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