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RSS GhostheadX

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ghostheadX(1029) Clarified
1 point

In the case of abortion maybe, but even if it is my argument isn't whether or not abortion is murder. My argument is that a preventative chip sidesteps the murder debate.

Also, girls over 21 can still choose to have it on.

Right and what I'm saying is regardless of if it's murder, with the chip we don't have to deal with the issue to begin with. It sounds like your argument supports my side rather than yours.

Someone over 21 is not necessarily a good parent but I'll bet there's a lot more good parents over 21 than 16 year olds. Also for a 16 year old it's a lot harder to be a good parent.

A sixteen year old does not a good parent make, other than in some potentially weird circumstance. If that same sixteen year old instead waits until they're a lot more experienced then there's at least A REALISTIC CHANCE that they will be one, even if that's not always the case.

Basically, someone over 21 is OFTEN A DECENT parent and a sixteen year old is RARELY, IF EVER, a good parent. The kid will probably go to adoption if it's young grandmother has any brains anyway just for that reason.

Then women under 21 are giving birth to kids who aren't going to have decent childhoods. Better to prevent and not have the birth issue at all.

Exactly. Which is why your wrong.

The birth control chip is preventative, therefore not murder.

Your right. Otherwise it would be the one eating me. I am such a fool.

I believe that it's not possible to have a credible opinion on God. Here's what I mean by that.

We have no credible evidence on either side of the debate.

If we did, it wouldn't be accepted unless we found the Ten Commandments on a moon of Saturn or some stupid shit.

Next question.

Bippity boppity boo. Glare glarg. Your sentence doesn't make any fucking sense!

You know, I kind of wish I was loved. I like sandwiches. Why can't they love me back?

Yes and there are other forms of birth control besides murder. Let me put it this way.

Let's say A is subcategory of B.

A always has to be B but B is not necessarily A.

Abortion is a form of birth control. But that doesn't mean birth control is saying abortion.

Your argument means nothing against mine unless the only form of birth control is abortion even if you are right, since my initial argument implied a different form of birth control than abortion.

So how is other birth control besides abortion murder? If you proved how then birth control = murder, not just one form of it.

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