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RSS Gopikrishnan

Reward Points:18
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10 most recent arguments.

how about die of shock. does n't know how much time it takes and remain shaking till one guy beats on the head with a wooden plank and says 'yeppeeee' only to see the victim dead

6 points

India has a potential to lead the world in 2022 with its predicted largest pool of manpower consisting of 200 million college graduates and 500 million trained and skilled workforce. It could be home for at least 30 of the Fortune 100 companies of the world and generate over 10% of the world trade, by nurturing a vibrant renaissance of world-class contemporary art, science, research and education could have at least 10 Nobel Prize Winners. This is possible in next fifteen years provided leaders focus on this goal as a priority. Iam sure this is going to happennnnnnnnnnnnnnn soooooooooon

4 points

Yes I support RJG in his views. Iam also an indian and iam proud to be one. We may be not well looking ones but whats comes from us so called 'human resource' is far more better than others who just sits in the name of development and throws works on us . And we see that India is fast approaching as an industrial nation, International IT hub and so on. Potentiality depends on how the nation is working towards betterment .In this iam sure INDIA is leading.BY 2020 INDIA WILL DEFINITELY LEAD THE WORLD.....

In my opinion it is the Indian classics of medieval period.

I see spirits in my dreams . But i am not sure of their existance.

I hear some sounds which can't be of any particular. Lets group them with aliens and wait for their discovery some day soon.

0 points

yes for sure uniforms make student unique and smart. Their identity could be easily found. If we wear anything then that would became a park or like that . Education has a high standard value than other fields so as the uniforms? If we don't want these uniforms who will pu these? think think and think..

yes bicycle riders should wear helmets . A saying goes 'prevention is better than cure'. The debate owner feels the same after he falls from his bicycle.And in this modern world with to much of busy riders its easy to get injuries. Cut 'should' and add 'are' and Iam sure within a short span of time this debate arises

2 points

cut China from the topic and add "EVERY NATION". What matters is the overall development. No matter how large a country is (take for example the development in Japan even though bombed several times.

we should cut government spending, especially welfare. give priority to military and developmental expenses.INDIA is rich in minerals so more manufacturing industries should come to Indian soil

school uniforms rare for students to prevent them from wearing gang shirts, not dressing properly ' wearing shirts with vulgar words and emblems etc.and i think uniforms make students smart and distinguished. and i don't think teachers want this as they wear disciplined dresses and they wore uniforms in their schools and know its no teachers shouldn't have to wear school uniforms.

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