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Autonomy and free will basically mean the same exact thing if im going off the definitions i pulled up that has to deal with philosophical/theological issues, they are the exact same thing.

Free will: I choose my own decisions, and i hold myself accountable and responsible for the decisions i make, with autonomy, i pulled up the same exact definition. "autonomy is often used as the basis for determining moral responsibility and accountability for one's actions."

That sounds like the exact same thing

Morality has to be the same throughout everyone, if someone sees their murderous actions as justified because their child was killed, thats acceptable, thats an eye for an eye, thats fine.

But if you just say "i justify murder because i find it morally acceptable" That person is probably mentally ill.

You can not have differing morality, there is good and bad, dark and light, holy and evil...

Thats like saying you have 20 people, 10 of them believe murder is morally acceptable, the other 10 do not...

As long as it doesnt interfere with someones personal rights, then it is morally acceptable.

If it doesnt affect anyone, its ok, if it affects others, its not ok.

I understand the stories, and the history, i am talking about when jesus actually spoke to the masses and his disciples, he told 2 very different tales of the same story.

The things that jesus spoke of though, were mostly parables, they can be taken two ways, one is the way he spoke to the masses, and one is the weay he spoke to his disciples in private.

ok but these are moral truths, theyre not really debatable.

Murder is bad, taking someones free will away, is bad.

You can not justify interfering with someones free will no matter how hard you try...

even if it makes said murderer happy to murder people, he is intruding on others free will.

If he murdered himself, no problem, but you cant debate that moral truths are debatable, because they are not.

Morals are not chosen by society, they are ingrained, anyone who fails to see their morality has no empathy, and is self conscious.

Thats not wrong, but its not good

so are you against childrens stories that have a deeper psychological and moral meaning too?

Or do you fully believe in those?

true that i'll edit the debate real fast, thanks lol

I know, i have a best friend whose parents were not as bad as THAT, but he was pretty indoctrinated it tookk me years to open up his mind lol, well he opened it up of his own accord but i think i helped him...

But yeah, its terrible i hate that.

you cant permanently delete your history, you cant even delete your trash files completely, they all get saved as 1's and 0's once you delete them. you would have to destroy your hard drive in order to permanently delete your files, but then, your history probably gets saved on a server somewhere so you probably cant delete it at all whatsoever.

Thats an illusion

No, there would be another faction that rises up, havent you ever read 1984?

Obviously this faction would be greatly underpowered, but the terminator movies pretty much mirror what would happen if one government rose up.

There will always be an opposing side, always.

and also to answer your dispute, what is wrong with the basic premise that if your life is filled with anger, hatred, greed, and fear, that your afterlife will be filled with the same things? And vice versa, if you live a life full of joy and happiness and altruism, then your afterlife will mirror the same thing.

Obviously there is no proof of this, but why do alot of scientists believe in god? Why would atheists all of a sudden change their views to believe in god after having a crisis in their personal life?

Thats all religion is for: YOUR PERSONAL LIFE and to help you get through problems, its not meant to replace government, or become the law of the world.

But it is something that helps you cope with the daily struggles of life, if you havent found it that sucks, but i have and billions of other people have.

So, all youre doing is sounding like a parrot repeating what everyone else says about religion, how about think for yourself and go explore it and take from it what YOU will not what some church leader says

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"I like to debate about the existence for God, but what a challenge it is!"

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