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1 point

because we were all made in the image of God and in every person deep down their is a piece of them longing to reach out to life. Longing for something more. This longing is what creates frustation in the mind of an atheist. Because day by day it is a war amongst good and evil.

1 point

God is more real then what we see with our human senses. I have a 6th sence, this is what enables me to have a strong connection with Jesus.

0 points

Because zeus is not real............Any more then fairys are real.

1 point

Dude honestly It was really hard to understand what your saying. May i suggest working on your english. Most of the founders of the us? Very generalistic and you tell me I dont provide physical or logical evidence? Where is your proof that most of the founders of the us were atheists. Because I can tell you many founders of the constitution if thats what your talking about who did beleive in God.

1 point

Wait a minute. Hold the phone. You think all these improvments in medicine are primarily from people who dont beleive in God? Wipping with leaves? I find that extremely offensive. Their are hospitals that are founded apon christianity. You are not knowledgable enough to be insulting christians like that. You need to research and learn what how far christians have brought us to where we are today. Very foolish what your saying.

1 point

Yes your right. And yes i love christian assembly! in eagle rock! And also in yucaipa first baptist church. That is a devestating story. Also it says in revelation that only 7 churches will be with God in the end of days.

1 point

Working builds good character and benefit to society. I dont see how you gain time by not working.

1 point

Be happy with what you have, and continue to do what you know is right and you will find yourself on another path. Be grateful for life. Use your resources and what you have for the glorification of Jesus Christ. And that is by taken caring of yourself and for others. And also know that God will take care of you and he knows what is best for you.

1 point

I dont think their ever will be a country that represents everything a democracy is defined as.

0 points

The law is supposed to be Upright. Our nation will fall apart because people choose to exclude God from the law. What purpose does legalization of prostitution serve? How can you look at the face of your children and tell them that you are a supporter of this? Let sin be sin, do not try and welcome it in. The law is supposed to be what protects us... from ourselves.

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Winning Position:
Winning Position: yes
Winning Position: No, it was not our land
Winning Position: No, it was created by mankind
Winning Position: of course not

About Me

"Im 18 years old Im going to the bootcamp for the navy in July. Currently Im at college pcc and I live with my mom in Altadina. I Love Jesus christ and I beleive he is my blood doner and savior. I also Have a chinese step family with my dad and two half brothers."

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States

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